3 Easy Peasy Asian Recipes Salad To Cook

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Eating vegetables is always become the problem for many of us. Am i right? we prefer to eat lot’s of oily and junk food rather than vegetables. And i know some of you already try to eat it but you just can’t…

Well, i guess we are in the same position girls! But do not worry, there is this way to make you want to eat vegetables more and more. Why? because you can cook it yourself and it’s very easy! Here are some easy peasy asian salad that you can try at home and it’ll take around 15-20 minutes to prepare and cook it. Why Asian salad? because it’ll easy for you to find all the ingredient and also you get the familiar taste with all the asian spices. Ready to cook?

Asian Style Chopped Vegetable


Image source: taste.com.au

Most of Indonesian understand this vegetable called ‘tauge’ or known as bean sprout? Yup, you can get it very easy and cook it in many ways. But this time why not try mix it with other veggies like lettuce, carrot and cook it with soy sauce. I can smell the yumminess….. click here for the recipe

Asian Chicken Salad


Image source: foodnetwork.com

Who doesn’t like chicken? let’s add chicken on our Asian chicken salad to make it more crunchy. There are lots of ways to cook the chicken. You can fried it, grilled it or just steam it. Have it your way!

Need another way too cook salad?

Asian Noodle Seafood Salad


Image source: pinterest.com

Use noodle to make salad more variation and noodle is everyone favourites. This time you can add some seafood to make your Asian noodle seafood salad. You can use shrimp or calamari to mix it with the noodle and don’t forget to use mint leaves for some fresh taste.

Happy tummy, happy you! Enjoy the salad…