4 Advices Before You Meet His Parents


Hi Girls! It’s weekend tomorrow. Any of you have plan meeting your boyfriend parents? Well, don’t worry. We are here to help you for the big moment! Today we will talk about how we dressed and how we should behave when your boyfriend wants to introduce you to his parents. Of course we want to look flawless, and also impressive. But instead of trying to look perfect from head-to-toe to his parents, we should remember to do these things :

Smile and Be Friendly 


Always put your beautiful smile on your face is important. And also be kind and friendly by asking how was his parents’ day, and have a good talk with his parents and also the other family member, to his brother or his sister. You can talk about lots of things, like box office movies, sports, famous people, show them that you are smart and aware of global issues nowadays, or even tell them a little bit about your family and your school or work.

Away for a While From Your Smartphone 


It is important to put your smartphone on a Silent mode or just turn it off, because sometimes the notification alerts from our instant messenger is annoying. Don’t play with your smartphone, instead, try to be polite and nice by become a fun person to talk to, and who knows you can find out interesting facts of your boyfriend by talking to his mom or his siblings  ;). And if there’s an emergency call during the family meetings, you can ask politely to answer the phone and go outside to pick up the phone.

Learn About Do’s & Don’ts on His Family 


Before you meet his parents, it is good to do some simple ‘research’ about his family, what his family like and dislike towards few things. For example, if you want to bring some food for his family, make sure they don’t have any allergies of certain foods, and try to avoid sensitive or private topics. You can ask your boyfriend to tell a bit of his family, like their favourite food, football team, etc

Wear Nice Clothes and Natural Make-Up

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First impression is very important, that is why we should know what kind of occasion it is. If it’s a casual dinner, you can wear your favourite blue jeans and combine it with a simple shirt or sweater, also wear a flat shoes. But if it’s a formal dinner, you can wear your simple formal dress with a high heels, but don’t forget to always put a natural make-up, because being natural without too much make-up will increase your real beauty

So, Are you ready to meet your future parents? Have fun and good luck girls!


Silvia Indah Pratiwi

The It Girl Writer