5 Exercises You Can Do Without Go To Gym

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Some of you might have same resolution this year, be healthier, or stay fit. And some of you also might have the same problem of making it happens. “I want to get fit, but I can’t afford a gym membership”. “I want to get fit, but I’m too lazy to go to gym”. Don’t worry! There are many exercises you can do without go to gym. Don’t think that if you want to lose weight or tone up you body requires fancy gym equipment.

1. Yoga

Yoga is good for helping you to stay calm and improve your flexibility and balance. Flexibility helps you to prevents any injury in other workout and your muscles will be leaner and looking great. The best thing about Yoga is all you need is yoga mat. You can watch several yoga poses from Youtube or download from your phone.


2. Running

All you need is great running shoes and great outdoors. You can run around your neighborhood, park, or jogging track. Running burns more calories than any cardiovascular activity. There are some apps that helps you create running plans and keep your running activity track. So put on your running shoes and start running!


3. Swimming

Swimming is great cardio and one of the best way to beat the heat. Swimming for an hour can burn 700 calories and the motions will give you all-over toning. Do some laps (freestyle) for 30 minutes is a good exercise. If you can’t swim, try to check community or health clubs that offers swimming lessons.


4. Hiking

Hiking is great for your legs. Especially for toning your thighs and butts. The accomplishment after hiking will make you feel great and better than doing exercises on gym.

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5. Dancing

Dance-based workouts are great and really fun. If you like this, you can try Zumba or Hip-hop aerobics! Try to watch some aerobic videos on Youtube or Pinterest.



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