5 Steps To Wear Bold Lipstick



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Wearing a dark red, plum, or even blue lipstick can be dramatic and even flattering, but only if you do it right. Bold lip is trendy and will definitely make you stand out. No matter what colour of lipstick you want to wear, you should rock it. Below are some tips on how you can shake things up and pull off these shades.


#1 Prep It


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Make sure your lips are soft and smooth. If your lips are chapped, apply lip scrub first to exfoliate the dead skin cells. Don’t forget to apply lip balm and blot your lips once the lip balm has penetrated into the lips. You could also apply a concealer onto your lips, followed with a foundation of your choice.


#2 Apply with Care


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Do not go outside the line of your lips. Applying lip liner that matches your natural lip shade will create a template for the colour and will keep the colour in line. Use a lip brush if needed. Some dark or unusual colours would apply better and look tidier with a lip brush. However, applying directly from the tube will give you the most pigmented result.

#3 Keep The Rest Subtle


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Balance your bold lip colour by keeping the rest of your makeup minimal. Don’t put heavy blushes or over the top smoky eyes. Make sure your eye shadows are neutral and blended well.

#4 Care For Your Colour


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Do not leave the house without carrying the lip shade. Make sure you bring back up because you need to reapply at least once to keep the colour perfect. Over time the colour will get dull, and when you eat you will lose some of the colour. Bring your most essential products with you.

#5 Be Confident


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Nothing is more important than this. No matter how perfect your bold lips are you need to be confident to pull it off. You can put it on at home at wear it around the house to get used to the colour. With confidence anything would look good on you.

Have fun playing with all the shades girls!


Alliyya Lathifa

The It Girl Writer