5 Things to do to Upgrade Your Weekend

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Sleeping until noon, eating lunch, do laundry, eating, watching tv and repeat. 

I guess that that’s what happen to us in most of our weekend. Hectic schedule on weekdays, many paper works and so many meeting make us don’t have any time to have me time and end up just sleeping all day or clean up home on the weekend.

Girls, have you ever think to try something different on your weekend? maybe just a little different will upgrade your day and also your mood! Well having a little change won’t hurt you or anybody. If you do like some changes, we have ideas that can upgrade your usual weekend.

# Try to eat new menu for breakfast and cook it by your self

Woman seasoning food

Image source: gijoburgsouth.getitonline.co.za

# Pampered your self with your beauty product that you’ve order and don’t have time to use it


Image source: glenvarigill.co.uk

# Quality time to do new hobbies. Maybe try to challenge yourself with new things like knitting or calligraphy

Woman knitting in livingroom.

Image source: huffingtonpost.co.uk

# Clean out your closet and try to challenge yourself with closet detox


Image source: thechalkboardmag.com

# Quick gateway to new place that you never been before


Image source: theglamourai.com

# Explore your city


Image source: twitter.com/exploresurabaya

# Be part of local community


Image source: runningtortoise.enaphotography.com


Have a nice weekend girls!


Pratiwi Putri Anugerah

Co-Founder & Editor