5 Things You Can Learn From Belle of Beauty and The Beast

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Beauty and The Beast 2017

Beauty and The Beast became one of most awaited movies in 2017. Yesterday, Beauty and The Beast is released worldwide and, is it worth the wait? Many people say that this movie is not like other typical Disney Princess movies.


Watching this movie made me shed a tear when Beast set Belle free to save her father and hoped that Belle will come back for him. Also, the dress that Belle wears to dance with Beast is absolutely beautiful and iconic. Just like what I expect since I was a child (I used to read Beauty and The Beast before sleeping).


It seems that most Disney princesses are motherless. From Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, and Belle. They’re all motherless. And in this movie, it’s explained why Belle’s mother gone and apparently, Beast’s mother has the same faith as Belle’s mother.  


Despite I’m not a musical film lover, I was amazed by Emma Watson’s singing skill. She has a beautiful voice! Also, I got a message on WhatsApp that warned people not to watch Beauty and The Beast because there’s a gay character on the film (LeFou). After I watched this movie, LeFou showed implicitly that he has different sexual orientation, but still, the focus is Belle. So, let’s just moving on and enjoy the movie!


On this movie, Emma Watson gave some messages about feminism through her role as Belle.


#1 Belle is proud to be herself

Beauty and The Beast 2017

Belle is famously known as an odd girl because she has no friends and loves reading books. But she doesn’t care about it and love to be herself.


#2 Education is important for Belle

Beauty and The Beast 2017

This is showed when Belle taught a little girl to read while she was doing her laundry but some villagers were annoyed to see it because they think that education is not important especially when you’re a woman.


#3 It is better not to marry than have Gaston as a husband

Beauty and The Beast 2017

Gaston wanted Belle so much to his wife, but she doesn’t want to be the wife of narcissistic & selfish Gaston. And she rejected him straight away. Just because Gaston is strong and dashingly handsome, he’s not as smart as Belle.


#4 Belle doesn’t need a guy to help her

Beauty and The Beast 2017

When Philippe (Belle’s horse) came back without her Papa, Belle goes searching right away without any doubt or worries. She didn’t even ask Gaston or police for a help to find her Papa. It’s a prove that Belle is fearless and independent. Who runs the world? Girls!


#5 Belle is not typical Disney Princesses, Belle is the hero!

Beauty and The Beast 2017

Some people think this is just another Disney movie that Prince will save the Princess. Nope. In this movie, the hero is Belle. Belle saved so many lives, from her father to Beast and all castle’s occupants that cursed into furniture. So, she doesn’t need the Prince, but the Prince needs her.

Overall, this movie is a must to watch (I’m 25 going on 26 and still cried watching this kind of movie). Those CGI effects on this movie are jaw-dropping that every single detail is really beautiful. And the story is much more complete than the book version I used to read when I was a kid as a bedtime story. So, have you watched it? What do you think about Beauty and The Beast? Let me know through comments!


Winny Irmarooke

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