5 Things You Must Prepare When Having a Transit

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Background image: instagram.com/tuulavintage

Background image: instagram.com/tuulavintage

Traveling is a very fun thing to do. But, what if you’re traveling in budget, and seek for the cheapest flights you can get? The most possible criteria for cheaper ticket is either using a budget airline or having many connecting flights to reach your destination. And for several cases, transit is an undeniably way, because there’s no direct flight from your home country to your destination.

Well, jump from an airport to another airport isn’t a great opportunity though. If you’re next flight duration is more than 4 hours and it was during the night. Keep in mind Girls, you might get freeze and boring as well.
Here a few things you need to prepare if you’re about to have a transit in your next journey,

#1 Bring a Shawl, Jacket, and Comforter

Public area like Airport is having a high room temperature to keep us comfort, but during the night this high temperature might be bother you as well. How can it be? because we got freeze and its make you hard to sleep.

#2 Neck Pillow (is essential)

Its not only applied if you’re having a long over, but also if you take budget airline. They don’t provide us any pillow, so you need to make sure you bring your own. During the transit, neck pillow can be really helpful if you can find any spot to lay down.

#3 Snack Supplies

Don’t giggling on this point, snacks like bread, biscuit or even a snack bar will help you a lot to not suffer with starving during transit. This will also really beneficial for our wallet.

#4 Extra Money Currency

You bring snacks already, but somehow we’re kinda having an urge to find something to eat. Well, its normal. To make you easier to buy something in your transit airport, it would be better that you exchange few amount of money from your home country. It’s better you prepare first, rather than using an ATM machine with some multinational operation fee.

#5 Toiletries

Long journey doesn’t mean you will look horrible. Toiletries like face wash and toothbrush kit will help you to stay fresh and clean after you reach your destination.
Aside from 5 things above, doing some research to gather an information about the transit airport will be a hack to stayed entertain. For example, Changi Airport is having their own Orchid Garden, and it’s really pretty.
We hope that this article might help you in your future adventure ahead Girls!


Gita Suliawan