6 Branding Tips For Startups

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There are a lot of new startups every month. Some startups fail, and some succeed. Strong brands can influence your business, such as trust, income, and attract new customers. How do you develop your brand? Here are few tips that will help you to grow into better business. You can also create a moodboard to help yourself define your vision.


  1. Plan

Before you create startup, plan your branding first. Write down any ideas for your brand. This includes some questions for yourself. Who’s your target? Who’s your competitors? The situation of the market. The theme of your brand–includes color, typography, logo like you want. Make sure you have vision, what you would like it to be, for your startups.


  1. Be Consistent

Consistency is everything on branding. See how famous brands, like starbucks, nike, apple, keeping their consistency. When you travel to another country you would recognize those brands instantly. And that’s what good branding is.


  1. DIY or Not DIY

People often wants to save a lot of money for branding, so they DIY for branding. It’s fine if your acquired skills for branding is beyond basic. But if you don’t have those skills, consider hiring professionals. It’s okay to spend some money for great branding.


  1. Listen To Your Customer Wants

Think like your target customers. Get to know what they want. What you like, what people what could be different. So, try to listen to your target audience.


  1. Keep it simple

There’s a saying that less is more. Keep your brand’s name short, simple, and consistent for easy recognition and brand association.


  1. Distinguish between branding, marketing, and PR

Many startups confuse the roles distinguish branding, marketing, and PR. Branding involves work of selecting theme, colors, logos, typography, and other things. While, marketing is about bringing your brand identity to outside. And PR is bringing your brand to public–which sometimes includes press release, and social media strategies.


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor