7 Steps to Boost Your Morning Run Mood #TIGChallenge

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For many of you exercise in the morning is hard, yeah we feel that too. All that tiredness from the day before and ‘your bed calling you’ make to stay and keep sleeping are the main reasons that most of us has. But, there are lots of great things that you will get when you maintain to have exercise or just little run in the morning. Not just for your body but it also good for your mental. Trust me, when you follow this steps you will get a fresh mind and body by the end of the week. So why not challenge your self! #TIGChallenge

# Make Morning Playlist Night Before


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Music can influence people everyday mood. Sometime you experience listening to that ‘it’ song of the whole day or just listen to your gloomy playlist because you miss your lover that lives thousand miles away? Well that shows that music have impact on our mental and feeling. Researchers out there also agree about this. So what you can do to boost your mood in the morning is by making a morning run playlist before you go to sleep. Put some Calvin Harris, Zedd or JLo  songs to make your body move! You can search or get inspiration playlist through Spotify.

# Wake Up Early Than Usual Time


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If you are type of person that love to set up your alarm and then keep on turn it off and go back to sleep, you have to change that habit. Try to wake up early, if your usual morning time is around 6 am why not try to wake up an hour or 30 minutes earlier. At first you will find it hard, the changes wake up time but you’ll get use to it and of course your body will follow the routines. The other good thing that will follow, you can enjoy how you can have your time alone to reflect about yourself. Give 15 minutes or 30 minutes max to get to know yourself and if you need friend, get a cup of lemon tea for your companion.

#Drink 1 Glass of Water


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A glass of water can make refresh your body after hours of sleep. So before you have your morning run, don’t forget to drink water girls!

# Wear Your Favourite Running Clothes and Kicks


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If showing off your clothes and  your kicks can boost your mood why not do it? Wearing your favourite or your new clothes and kicks can improve your confidence and make you feel positive. Positive mood in the morning will bring joy for the whole day!

# Run Outside if you can!


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Doing exercise inside the gym is fine but, if you want to feel another experience GO OUT and feel the morning air. Not just the morning air but you can see many things that you never see after 9 am like birds and no pollute situation.

# Bring friends or pet to challenge you


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If you feel scared running alone, why not ask your friend or boyfriend to company you. If you have friend that love to run in the morning you should ask them to join you so you can be more inspired and more active. The other way you can have your pet to run with you, especially when you have dog or cat take them to have a little morning play.

# Challenge your self with your body goal!


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Stop staring at Instagram ‘body goal’ pictures, do something about your self. Challenge your self with morning run that you never do or too lazy to do it. Make the plan and achieve it! Put remainder on your phone and try to follow the plan. You have to have faith inside your mind to keep on doing morning run without any excuses. At the of the plan you will finally have that body goal!

Keep running and make your body healthy 🙂 #TIGChallenge