A Day in the Pearl of the Salzkammergut, Austria

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Hallstatt, located in Upper Austria, a village in Salzkammergut. Known for the beautiful houses along the lake, salt mine and the view of Austria’s mountains.

Went with my chickies at the end of January, praying for a perfect weather, my kind of perfect (white blanket over the roof and the mountain, not snowing or windy) and God answered my prayer.

With pastel-coloured houses alongside mountains towering on all sides and their reflections on the glassy Alpine lake, are all it takes to steal your breath away.

Its basically easy to get to the village from the heart of Salzburg. You either can take train then ferry or busses to the village. It is cheaper to ride the busses (you have to take 3 busses to the village and it costs €30) rather than the train (OBB train €55, not including the ferry fare). However, both options takes approximately the same duration, but by taking the ferry you are able to see the town across the lake and take breathtaking pictures or by taking the busses you are able to see the beautiful landscape of the villages in between.

The picture below is the first view of the village after getting lost in the mountain and ended up stranded for an hour (I took the busses and forgot to change).



Beautiful is not even close to describe the town. The town is tiny and it basically take you just over 15 minutes to walk from one end to the other end. When I was there, the town was pretty empty and according to one of the restaurant owner, all shops are usually open in the summer.



It is a shame that I only had few hours to explore the village and did not have the chance to see the mine salt or go up the hill. And it would be nice to see the village in the summer and imagine I can swim in the lake.

The village of Hallstatt is so enchanting (I’m really pushing my vocabulary to describe the village) that I didn’t want to leave. It is wanderlust-bucket list worthy and I definitely will be back, hopefully with my future significant other 🙂


Pratiwi Putri Anugerah

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Kezia Rosiana