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Beautiful, smart, and a lot of money indeed every woman’s dream. But what would happen if all of it was achieved, but health is overlooked? Health is indeed even become the most important thing for everyone. Without a healthy body, all that has been achieved even become futile. For those who are preoccupied with a handful of daily activities, you should really does make keeping your body in order to avoid the various diseases that can happen to your body anytime. Try to download some applications on your smartphones or tablets that can help to maintain healthy every day. Here are some apps that can help you to healthier body:


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1. Endomondo Sports Tracker

This application is a must-have if you like to exercise in urban areas. This application can accompany users while biking, running, or walking. Function as a GPS that can ensure users are not lost during exercise. Then there are also audio feedback feature that can provide encouragement at every mile distance traveled. Endomondo Sports Tracker can also record the time, distance, and calories burned. You can also pit your strength when exercising with your friends. This application will record both comparisons.


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2. Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter is an application that can help users to maintain weight. Well, this application is very suitable for you who want to diet! There are some features such as a food diary which you can make your own food schedule. Then its features is combined with diet calendar that can track the number of calories consumed and burned. It’s really useful for reminding users that want to lower calorie intake in the body.


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3. Instant Heart Rate Pro

One application is quite important to have because it can help users to detect whether their heart stay healthy or not. Instant Heart Rate Pro is accurate enough to measure the heart rate of a person. How to wear it just to put the finger on the phone’s camera, then the monitor will show the user heart rate earlier. Sophisticated, right? Of course, this application is very useful for users who have heart problems.

Those apps could help you to have healthy life. So, from now on, there is no excuse for your laziness to do healthy lifestyle!


Cynthia Cecilia

The It Girl Writer