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Bedroom is a place where you can get peaceful rest and recharging your energy. The best place in the world would be your own bedroom. This 22-years-old Dulux Young Talent Design Competition winner, Ari Suci Rahayu (or you can call her Cia), has a great talent and taste to mix persian rug with modern accents and bright popping color. Cia has already worked in interior design industry since she was studying interior design at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya. Today, she spends her days working at Gendhis Gantari Interior Works, a startup she owns together with her campus mates.

Cia had passion with interior design since high school and she fell in love with interior design through exhibition, hotel designs, and restaurants she had visited. When she’s not working, she loves to spend her leisure time for brainstorming new ideas, travelling, doing photography, studying new things, reading, and listening music on a corner of cafe.

Full name: Ari Suci Rahayu

Age: 22

Education: Interior Design, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)

Occupation: Interior Designer


What’s your first job after graduated from university?

My first job when I was on college was decorating a room for a seminar, a project from one of field of study at ITS. And now I works as a interior designer at Gendhis Gantari Interor Works. An interior design studio created with my friends. It was started from accepting a project from my lecturer, after that we got confidence to make a team named Cherry Blossom. Cherry Blossom received many event decoration projects. After graduation, we take seriously to continue, and add one more member and formed Gendhis Gantari Interios Works. We work on varied projects, start from residential, office, retail and also hospital.

Is there a favorite project as long as working as interior designer? Why?

Favorite project so far is a cafe at Pacar Keling, Surabaya. The project is still progressing and maybe will launch soft opening on May 2015. It’s favorite because this is the first cafe project we work on and really excited. Usually, I’m amazed with great cafe designs, but now I’m designing a cafe.

Where did you get your inspirations for decorating your room?

The inspirations came from interior magazines, Ikea, and Pinterest. I want a clean, minimal with dominant white color room.

Is there any challenge when decorating your room?

The challenge is time, because I only got a week before the room is ready to be occupied. So, decorating a room with some quick DIYs and used some reorganized old stuff. And also because my room would be book collections storage, as much as possible I  made bookshelves and arranged the books in a neat and easy to clean.

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Do you have any tips or suggestions for decorating bedroom?

When decorating a room, starts with hobbies you like, for example: playing music. Musical instruments or music related stuff could be a great decor element. Try to find bedroom decorations on flea market and some interior or decor store. For small bedroom, you could use bright colors for spacious and neat effect.

So, you created a startup with your friends, right? Can you tell us shortly about the startup you created?

Initially, because we’re close friends so we’re comfortable working college assignments together and continued by working on small projects on college. After graduation, we discussed and agreed to continue it more seriously. And that’s the beginning of Gendhis Gantari Interior Works. So far, we collaborate with Akusara, a branding studio which is also DKV ITS Surabaya graduates. Projects we’ve worked are varied, including some projects for Surabaya’s city government. The main objective is to apply design knowledge that we have for developing surroundings.

What’s your career goals for the future?

Anytime soon, I want to continue master degree in the field of spatial interior. To get more knowledge and experience as well travelling the world outside. Also, become professional interior designer and developing Gendhis Gantari interior Works.


Product Sources

  • Garment Rack, DIY
  • Work Table, Vintage
  • Lamp, HomeGoods
  • Kilim Pillows, Etsy
  • Drapery, Pottery Barn
  • Persian Rug, Vintage, Ebay


  • Bed frame, DIY
  • Bed Sheet, informa
  • Quilt and cover, IKEA
  • Cushions, Talky Pillow
  • Curtain, Vintage, home
  • Window blind, ace hardware



  • Pinewood shelving, DIY
  • White shelving, Ace hardware
  • White lamp, IKEA
  • Books, various
  • Enamel Glass, Progo, supermarket in jogjakarta
  • Vas, IKEA
  • White Vas, Kare
  • Sand in Bottle, Dubai
  • Vintage Globe, Ace Hardware
  • Cushion, Talky Pillow
  • Rug, Vintage



  • Work Table, DIY
  • Frames, informa
  • Books, Kinokuniya ; Periplus ; various
  • Eiffel tower miniatur, present
  • Vase, IKEA
  • Sun flower, ace hardware
  • Quotes, pinterest DIY
  • Lamp, present

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Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor