Beauty Essentials: 5 Makeup Brushes You Must Have For Beautiful Eyes



To get the best makeup, it’s not just about wearing high-end makeup brands. Makeup tools has significant impact on your makeup too.


If you really love eye makeup, or you want to consider invest your money on makeup tools that you will absolutely use it forever, you must have these brushes to get the best eye makeup.


#1 Concealer brush

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This brush is very useful to cover any imperfections or panda eyes with concealer. Choose brush wisely by selecting the ones that have soft bristle because the skin around your eyes are is so delicate.

#2 Eyeshadow brush

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Take your eyeshadow game to the next level with this brush. Eyeshadow brush will give better result instead of using the applicator you got when you bought eyeshadow.


#3 Eyeliner brush

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Use eyeliner brush to create more dramatic and neat line.


#4 Brow brush

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To create brows ‘on a fleek’ all day look, you must use brow brush, girls. Brow brush helps to define and fill your brow. You can choose brow brush with spoolie add-ons to brush your brows.


#5 Blender brush

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Blending brush has long and soft bristle. Use it to blend to create smooth gradation on your lids.


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