Benefits Of Working While In College


When I was in college, I worked part-time several times. I believe it’s important to have experiences as many as you can while I’m young. I studied Information Systems back then, and it wasn’t easy. It required a lot of time in front of computer and sometimes I worked three days straight without sleep to get one assignment done. It was such a hell.


Then there was something popped in my mind, “If I always do this, in front of computer all the time, when will I get a life? New experiences in real life, not in front of computer”. So, I tried to finds job that was not related with computer. My cousin offered a job on her event organizer as a liaison officer. That job wasn’t so bad. From that, I tried to get another job. And I started to love working. From part-time event organizer, to freelance. I tried them all.


Then I realized many benefits I got from working while in college. I got more new friends and that means more connections. Also, I got extra money for myself. It was not much but I was pretty happy of money I got from my work. And also the experiences I couldn’t get from college.


When you graduated from college, and seek a job, you will write a cv to show what you’ve got during on college. If you never work, you will left ‘the working experience’ section empty. It’s a weakness for you. Employer tends to seek people who has many experiences even your grades are not that good. Because it means that you love to work and you got more working skill than who don’t. If you got great grades, but you can’t work with people it’s totally bad for you. That’s why every college student should try to work, it helps you to learn how to work with people who you don’t know before.

Beside experiences and extra money that you got from working, working while studying in college helps you to be better on time management skill. Having a job while in college need extra work and better time management. You need to schedule every day, what to do today, next week. You need really to organize, prioritize, and take control of your time. It’s better to learn about time management in college, than struggling with realities with time management after graduated.


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor