Best Photo Editing Apps


Are you instagram addict? Or maybe have you ever wonder how to create amazing photos you love? Adobe Photoshop might be the most advanced app for editing photos, but if you’re a type of person who doesn’t want to be troublesome using Adobe Photoshop, you can use few apps on your smartphone. Especially, if you have blog or love to be creative with your Instagram or other social media. There are tons of apps in the apps store and google play. Which one should install? Here are few of our favorite photo editing apps we think you should have!


  1. Instagram

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free

 instagram1 instagram2

Why we love it: With Instagram, you can edit your photos (and videos) with beautiful filters and complete editing tools, and also you can directly share your photos to facebook, twitter, etc. You also can send private photos and videos to your friends. For those who love online shopping, Instagram will launch their new feature which is including ‘Shop Now’!


  1. VSCO Cam

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free

 vscocam2 vscocam1

Why we love it: VSCO Cam provides a lot of amazing filters (free and paid) for your photos. There are a lot of professional and amateurs photographers who use the tools from VSCO Cam because its features can enhance their photos into professional look instantly. There are so many people who mentioned hashtag #vsco and #vscocam on Instagram.


  1. Afterlight

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Rp 12ribu

 afterlight2 afterlight1

Why we love it: It’s a must have apps for the hipsters. It’s a paid app, but really worth it. Afterlight has many filters, textures, and features that you can use to make your photos more vintage and dreamy. Also, Afterlight has simple user interface that eases user to operate Afterlight.


  1. Snapseed

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free

 snapseed1 snapseed2

Why we love it: With Snapseed, you can customize your photo on your own. There are some features like custom lens blur to create your own blur, and brush tool that you can use for applying effect with your finger or stylus. When you edit your photos on Snapseed, Snapseed will create a layer on each step so you won’t forget what actions you have used.

We also asked some girls with amazing photos on Instagram to share her favorite apps and tips and tricks. Check it out!


“Adobe lightroom, vscocam. Adobe lightroom koreksi fotonya detail banget. Main saturation brightness sih, kalo pengen tone yang unik buat suasana langsung ke vscocam.”


“Snapseed, vscocam. Lebih suka vsco tools E. Mainin sharpen + fade buat dapet tone yang senada.”

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“VSCO Cam. Tone, brightness, saturation, contrast udah lengkap semua ada”

Don’t be afraid to combine those apps to create something beautiful. From all those apps, what’s your favorite? If you have another favorite apps, let us know via comments!


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor