Book Review: The Book of Awesome



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Author: Neil Pasricha

Year: 2010

“If you feel that sense of wonder and beauty in all the tiny joys in life, then you’re part of an international band of old souls and optimists, smiling on sidewalks, dancing at weddings, and flipping to the other side of the pillow. Let’s high five and keep thinking wild thoughts, dreaming big dreams, and laughing loud laughs.”

Neil wrote this book based on his blog called Why you girls need to love this book?

With all the negativity that happen our life, it’s very easy to miss the simple things that make us happy. For a lot of people, being happy is difficult because their life is not an easy road. The easiest way to be happy is being grateful of all the little things in life.

The Book of Awesome makes you cherish things you don’t even realise happening in your everyday life. Like, “Waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you’ve got lots of sleep time left”, “The thank you wave when you let somebody merge in front of you” or “Celebrating your pet’s birthday even though they have no idea what’s going on”.


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This book always makes me smile and nod in agreement. It’s filled with so much positivity. Since this is not a novel, I prefer reading it a few pages at a time instead of continuously reading 50 pages at a time. I think it’s more enjoyable that way. Plus, you can randomly flip this book and it would still make sense.

The optimistic of the author is contagious. Whenever I feel like doing a light reading, this book comes to mind. Since I can’t relate on every points written, this book has inspired me to write the awesome little things in my life that makes me realise how lucky I am.


Alliyya Lathifa

The It Girl Writer