Do and Don’ts on Social Media



Social media have changed people’s lives in the last few years. With so many benefits people can get from social media, social media also gives negative impacts if you don’t use it wisely.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, Snapchat, or other else—you name it, those become the main focus of everyone (especially Gen Y & Z). Every minute, there are millions people use social media to update, share, or look for the latest news.

But some people, at the same time, uses social media to spread negativities that shouldn’t be. Cyber-bullying, cyber sexual harassment, and other kind or cyber criminals.

And today, The It Girl will give you some tips and tricks on do and don’ts on social media to avoid and minimalize those risks happened on you!



Remember whom you share to

Always remember that social media is a public network. Everyone can see your update unless you changed your setting to private.


Understand privacy setting

Make sure you do check and understand completely of privacy setting.


Use relevant hashtags

This will help your followers or others to discover your photos. If you post a photo about food, don’t ever use hashtag fashion or kardashians-jenner just because it’s a popular hashtag.


Post frequently

Post one/three updates for a day is good. But don’t overshare, not every moment on your life must be shared on your Instagram or Facebook.


Use strong password

Strong password consists with combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. Don’t use your birthday, your loved ones’ names, pet, or anything that people can guess easily.


Investigate information you received

This is really important. Every information you found or received on your inbox isn’t always 100% trusted. Make sure you investigate and verify any links, emails, or anything sent to you.


Be selective with whom you friend with

You don’t always have to accept everyone’s friend/follower request. Because some people might have intention on using your data to make a scam or create fake accounts using your pictures. It’s okay to be selective.


Model a good behavior

Before you post something, remember that there are many kids having social media too.


Promote your work through social media is GOOD!

Many people get some works through their social media. If you have works you can show it off on your social media, why not? But don’t be arrogant. You can use your social media as your portfolio. It’s free, so be creative!


Practice positivity

Through social media, you can do a lot of good things. Make people feel great by giving likes or giving good comments that can make people smile!


Meet face-to-face.

Use social media to grow your connections or relationship. Do meet face-to-face with your social media friends, maybe you can going out for lunch, or taking Instagram-able pictures with your online friends.



Don’t share too much information

Don’t you ever share personal information on social media. As I said before, there are many bad people out there so share information wisely. If you upload too much about where you are, your expensive possessions, people can use them to impersonate you to scam other people.


Overuse hashtags

#people #don’t #want #to #read #too #much #hashtags #on #your #caption, #because #it’s #so #painful #to #read.


Poor spelling

Don’t forget to double check your spelling before you update your status/photos.


Don’t share your password

Unless you have shared social media accounts for your own business, don’t share your social media account password.


Be aware of geo tagging

If you don’t want people to know where you are, make sure you turn off this. Because some apps might expose your location automatically.


Share sadness over and over

Okay, so, you’re sad. You need people beside you, you want people to know how you’re feelings and say prayers on you. That’s good but don’t let your social media accounts turned into dumping ground of your sadness.


Don’t always believe everything you read

“Congratulations, you won a Mercedes Benz and iPhone 6S!” with glittery and blink animation popped out on your screen. But, wait! Don’t click it right away. It could be a malware, or virus, or anything bad for you.


Don’t avoid other tasks

Spending time on social media could be fun but don’t let yourself forget about what’s more important. Tasks, assignments, home works always come first. If you can’t leave your social media for hours, it might be sign of you are addicted to social media.


Don’t forget to give credit when you use someone’s photo

If you want to upload someone else’s photo, don’t forget to mention to the owner or give a credit about the photo.

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Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor