Dos and Don’ts When Creating Your CV

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Hi, It Girls! Are you a fresh graduate who are currently heading to career world? Have you keep in mind what kind of things that you should avoid when you making a Curriculum Vitae (Also read: How To Make Your CV Looks Better). Well, we’re going to help you create the best version of CV that won’t make you regret to ever send it.


1. Make it Clear and Short as possible

You know that there’re a lot of great things you want to state on your CV, but remember not all were matters. You need to remember a lot of job seekers send their CV as well, and HR won’t read your application more than 30 seconds. If you’re applying through a website or an email, your pitch statement will be your weapon to step up your game.

On statement pitch, you need to show that you were someone worth for them to hire for your targeted position. Be sharp with your CV with only 1-2 pages only.

2. Know exactly what you want to be

When a company posts more than one job vacancy, you think you’re capable of applying for more than one position. Be clear what you want to on that company. HR will doubt you when you’re not even so sure about your target and preference. They might see you are qualified for other position but keep in mind that let them judge.

3. Don’t be afraid to be different

Don’t be afraid of being quirky, there are a lot of perks of being one. You might need to be smarter. But, don’t be afraid to dig a bit more of your birthright excellence that can foster your strength.

For example, you are a talkative and cheerful person. But, you apply for an administrative position. This will doubt HR to hire you for that position because of they afraid that you wouldn’t stand so long.

Don’t worry! You can turn this to a positive value. Try to convince that this will make you stay motivated. Within your brief introduction or application letter.


1. No Selfie

Selfie might look good on your profile picture but isn’t appropriate for CV. A very rigid smile like an ID picture might not be good as well. Remember that selfie sometimes annoyed HR or User because:

  • You pose inappropriately; sexy or teasing pose
  • You use layers of effects
  • You use beauty cam; trying too much to look good will be a butterfly knife

So, a great picture quality and humble smile will be much better.

2. Spill too much information

As a fresh graduate, it is necessary for you to make sure that you’re not submitting a resume that too short or too long. Some of HR think that brief CV is for those who had experienced. Meanwhile, they don’t like to read CV or Resume that spills too many information.

There are some career options for each academic major. If you want to apply for different jobs in different companies, you can actually make an ideal CV within customized each application.

This can help you to short relevant experiences and achievement for the role.

3. End up as Creativity Victim

This day, everyone is competing by making their CV as artsy as it can be. You might think it was perfect, it will be better if you ask someone with a graphic design background. They will help you to make sure it’s good enough–in terms of is it readable and not achy reader’s eye because of too many ornaments.

Well, looking creative doesn’t mean that you do not take seriously of that job and sacrificing your professionality

In summary, we hope that this will help you to well present your first job application. Good Luck!


Gita Suliawan