Essentials Apps You Should Have



Most of you obviously have a smartphone. With the never ending technology, we always want to try something new. New apps, new technology. New camera apps is coming, we install it. New social media is coming, we install it. We install everything we could until we realized that our smartphone isn’t smart enough to handle much technology.


Do we really need them (new apps) all?


I bet you are not.


Well, if you work is a social media administrator, or maybe technology analyst, then it’s okay to install many apps on your smartphone.


But, if your life or work doesn’t require that many apps, maybe you should reconsider when you’re going to install new app. Check your phone’s capacity and specifications. You don’t want to end up with ‘not responding’ moment when there’s important call from your boss or someone important, right?


Because that happened to me, like, many times.


No, I don’t have fancy iPhone 6 or something fancier. I just have an old Samsung Galaxy Grand with 8GB capacity (but I added extra 16GB micro sd card), and it really kills me when I need to message/check/do on my phone and suddenly it’s not responding for a long time.


Then I realised that I had so many apps rare to use. So I uninstall those apps. And now my phone works better than before.


And here are some essentials apps that everyone should have:



Choose one or two instant messaging apps for your phone. Actually, you don’t need to install every instant messaging on your phone–WhatsApp, Line, BBM (I uninstall this because this app is so storage-consuming even though I rarely use it), and other apps. Choose wisely. Personally, I only install WhatsApp and Line because I have so many friends on those two apps.


Social Media

There are so many social media right now. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,, Path, Snapchat and so much more. I only installed what I really need and love. From those social media apps, I installed Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Path. I don’t install Facebook, because I prefer to open it on desktop version.



If you love photography (who doesn’t?), then you should install photo editing apps on your phone. There are many apps you can install, but still you have to be wise on installing those apps. There are many similar photo editing apps and you don’t need to install them all. If every app has their own filters, would you check it one by one just for editing one selfie? Here are some of our favorite photo editing apps you can check out.


Miscellaneous Apps

Everyone has different needs of apps, from health to games, you can choose. For people who loves to work out, they should install apps like Nike+, Nike Training Club, or others. And for gaming people, they should save up more phone’s storage because game apps consume more storage more than you can imagine. If you install new apps on your phone, and you only use it few times, then you don’t really need it and you have to uninstall it right away. Be a smart user!


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor