Essentials Bags Every Woman Should Have In Their Closet


There are more essentials item every woman should have before 30 (Read: 4 Types of Bra You Should Have, Fashion Essentials Must Have For Every Woman). There are some fashion items you really need, but you think you don’t. Before you buy a new cute bag, make sure you already have these items on your closet!

Work totes


Work totes on the picture: Zara

Working totes is a must for career-driven woman (Read: 8 Workwear Essentials You Should Have). Keeping all your essentials for surviving entire day in this bag. Choose the classy one, and it’s not always black. You can choose neutral color, navy, grey or white. Make sure that all your belongings (pen, notes, makeup, wallet, or maybe your laptop) are enough to put into your bag.



Clutch on the picture: Lanvin

Wear a clutch for a casual occasion or when you’re going to somewhere but workplace. Make sure your clutch is good enough to hold your phone, wallet, and some beauty essentials, such as, lipstick. Pair your clutch with little dress or even simple white shirt and boyfriend jeans. Good to go!

Party clutch


Clutch on the picture: Kotur

Every girl should have a clutch that they can use on a party. Whether it’s a gold, glittery clutch, or simply black clutch (safe option).

Crossbody bag


Crossbody bags on the picture: Elizabeth and James (left), Longchamp (right)

Small crossbody bag is great when you need to strolling around for shopping or running errands for your boss. Make sure you have a casual crossbody bag (The It Girl team prefer small leather bag) when you need to go outside without thinking what bag you should wear.



Backpacks on the picture: Zara (left), YSL (right)

Backpack is not only for kids and the tomboys. There are a lot of fashionable backpacks you can choose base on your personality. The It Girl recommend you to choose backpack that is bigger than your crossbody bag but smaller than your totes.

Travel bag


Travel bags on the picture: Kate Spade (left), Deux Lux (right)

Travel bags shouldn’t be boring. For you who love travels a lot, choose a travel bag with eye-catching/popping style so you won’t lose your bag!


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor