Eyes On Her: Sara Donaldson of Harper & Harley

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For the first time Fashion Bloggers reality show aired on television, you must have seen a brunette-haired girl with minimalist style. Yup, that’s Sara Donaldson. The girl behind Harper & Harley successfully draw attention for The It Girl by her style. Though the clothes she wears are all black or white, Sara is beautifully mix and match her outfit for a fresher look.

So, what’s her style look like? Scroll down…


Usually, people wear blazer for something serious and work related stuff, but SaraBlazer was successfully mix blazer with another fashion pieces, such as sneakers, slides, or jeans for more casual style.


One of her style that The It Girl loves is how Sara mix and match denim. Most people wear denim merely jeans and a t-shirt. But, Sara Donaldson mix and match denim in many ways. Culotte denim, double denim, overall denim with blazer, or denim with mini skirt for more feminine look.


This girl is also often seen wearing flares & ruffles. Flares & ruffles is perfectly fit for casual look, but you can mix it with bomber jacket or leather jacket to be more fashionable.


Leather jacket isn’t always meant to be fierce look. It can make you feminine just like what Sara mix with her leather jacket. Mix it with midi skirt or high-heels for chicer look. But, if you don’t like high heels, you can wear sneakers.


One of most happening trends this 2016 is off-shoulder trend. Sara is often seen wearing off-shoulder. Off-shoulder will make someone look more feminine and romantic. The It Girl really loves off-shoulder knit dress that Sara wore. Perfect for a date night!


Chic, yet modern uptown girl is so Sara Donaldson. For this style, Sara wore sleeveless outer, mix it with high-heels or even high-knee boots. Also, Sara chose to wear whether all black or all white but not boring.

So, what do you think of Sara Donaldson look?


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor