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Amparan Nemor

“When Solo is identical with Danar Hadi, Cirebon identical with batik Trusmi, we want Madura is identical with us, Tunjungsekar”. Those words are quoted from interview with Tunjungsekar. Created by four students from different universities but same origin—that is Madura, they want to bring Madura batik into high-fashion line.

In order to make their dreams come true, they achieved 1st place at the 4th UI Studentpreneur. What a spledid job. Read their inspiring story behind Tunjungsekar and more!


Full name: Edwina Fiqhe Anandita

Age: 22

Current title/Company: CMO/Tunjungsekar

Education: Student of Information System Institut Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya


Full name: Zhavira Ayu Ratri Aldania

Age: 20

Current title/Company: Vice CMO/Tunjungsekar

Education: Student of International Business Universitas Ciputra


Full name: Auliya Zulfatillah

Age: 22

Current title/Company: Vice CFO/Tunjungsekar

Education: Student of Accounting Universitas Indonesia


Can you tell us about Tunjungsekar?

Tunjungsekar is a fashion brand as well our business name. We manufacture traditional batik cloth from the island of Madura. We launched this business coinciding with Mother’s Day, on December 22, 2014, with the expectation that our business can evolve with the blessings that we get from our mothers.

The establishment background of Tunjungsekar is for raising the image and culture of our region the island of Madura. We were very concerned with the stereotype Madurese known only as satay maker, scrap metal collectors and thugs in the market as well as terminal.

Kembang Are


You have a very unique name, can you tell us why you name it Tunjungsekar?

Tunjungsekar name is adopted from the original name of Puteri Kuning (or Yellow Princess, at Bahasa Madura = Potre Koneng), the first human who inhabited the island of Madura in Madura folklore. Told in the story, Tunjungsekar, which at that time was a princess of the ancient Mataram kingdom, her father dumped her since her father knew she was pregnant without any cause (similar with the story of Siti Maryam, mother of Jesus or Nabi Isa in Islam). Later in the landfill, the princess gave birth to her son became the first occupant of the island and makes civilization in the island. Currently the final resting place of Puteri Kuning or Tunjungsekar can be found on Mount Geger, District Blega, Bangkalan, Madura, East Java.


When you created Tunjungsekar, what is your challenge and how you encounter that?

We initially formed this business with four people, consist of the founder and also the CEO, Ghafiqi, who studies at UI Depok. Gigih, STAN alumnus who was waiting for placement in Customs and Excise as CFO and two others namely Edwina (CMO) and Muhlas (COO) study at ITS Surabaya. We used to be communicated using chat application like Whatsapp and Line several times a month, even Gigih and Ghafiqi who are domiciled in Jakarta several times a month had to go to Madura to take care of this business.

In the journey of our business, one of our founders that is Gigih, resigned from the team because he is placed at the customs & excise office Merak Banten and had difficulties in coordination so that Auliya came to replace his position as CFO. The last few months, Zhavira came to complete our team in Tunjungsekar and now she currently serves as Vice CMO assisting Edwina.



Tunjungsekar business highlight so far

Currently Tunjungsekar is still micro-sized businesses and still under establishment. We are collaborating with two home crafts to produce batik cloth. The first craft house is located in the district of Tanjung Bumi, Bangkalan and the second is in the village Klampar, Pamekasan. So far, the demand of our batik is still national scale retail purchases and some countries such as Malaysia and Qatar. However, we are currently trying to get in the provision of batik cloth for uniform size such as an office, as a material supplier in the fashion house which produces apparel, as well as boutique suppliers who resell our batik.

Currently, we have two employees who help us in the field of photography and logistics. We also just did our initial working meeting on 25-26 April 2014 in the villa area of Songgoriti, Batu. The working meeting aims to bring us as a member of the team and discusses the future Tunjungsekar system work.

our new batik jokowikembang talas

Tunjungsekar future goals

Dream of Brand Tunjungsekar is becoming to be well-known in the world as the producer of Madura batik. When Solo is identical with Danar Hadi, Cirebon identical with batik Trusmi, we want Madura is identical with us, Tunjungsekar.


So inspiring, right? We hope Tunjungsekar’s story will inspire you to create your own business. Got something on your mind? Just let us know via comments below!


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor