Fun Things You Can Do When You Have No Money

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background image by: Holly Casto

background image by: Holly Casto

Waiting for pay day to come seems so cruel. We feel like we can’t have good times because we are limited on our budget. Having fun doesn’t always require money. Sure, there are some activities that you can enjoy without spending your money.  

#1 Sign up a free class

No money to sign up a workshop? Don’t worry. There are many free classes you can join, especially on Skillshare, or EdX. Or maybe if you want to code, you can sign up at Codecademy.

#2 Read a book

Challenge yourself to read a book for every month in 2017. And if you want, you can write a review about the book you have read on your blog.

#3 Cook with ingredients you have left

With the ingredients you have left, you can create a new recipe! Be as creative as you can.

#4 Paint or sketch something

Painting helps to reduce stress on your mind. It’s okay if you think you can’t draw or you feel you don’t have that skill. Just try simple sketch, or you can buy coloring book.

#5 Exercise at home

There are many easy exercises you can do at home. So, instead of sitting down and do nothing, why don’t you put on your shoes and start to make sweats.

#6 Sing a song

Just let it go.. Let it go.. Can’t hold it back anymore. Let it go.. Let it go..! Release your inner soul through your singing. And you’ll feel ten times better than before.

#7 Reorganize your room

Sometimes, a little change in your room can make a huge different. To see newly arranged room will give you a fresh vibes.

#8 Clean up your closet

Set up a day when you can clean out your closet. Separate your stuff into four: donate, toss, sell, and keep. You can sell your stuff on online shop and turn them into extra cash.

#9 Watch TED video, or other inspiring videos

People think watching these kind of videos could be really boring. If you really pay attention when you’re watching this video, there are many useful informations or lessons you can get.

#10 Create lettering or calligraphy

Grab some paper and pen, and start learning calligraphy or lettering. There are many free tutorials you can try online and create beautiful calligraphy/lettering. Check out some lettering tutorials here.

#11 Download free apps

Needs something fresh on your phone? There are great free apps you can try, depends on what you like. If you like photography, you can download these apps.

#12 Organize your makeup

I bet every girl has some beauty products that never been used. Check all your beauty products and toss all expired products even though you love that so much. And you might want to toss toxic beauty products. You might want to avoid some ingredients that are super toxic for you body.

#13 Go for a jog

Jogging will make you happier. Go for a jog in the morning before work or on the weekend and feel the fresh air coming to you. You can visit the nearest park around you or maybe a jogging track on sports field.

#14 Movie marathon

Go to your friend’s home or at your home to spend time together watching movie all night long. Don’t forget the popcorns!


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor