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Lauren Singer, 25, started zero-waste lifestyle four years ago when she realized everything she used was in plastic bag. So she decided to stop using plastic.


“One day after class I went home to make dinner and opened my refrigerator and saw that everything in there was packaged in plastic and I felt like a total hypocrite,” said Singer when interviewed by HuffPost.


Lauren started to create everything handmade, from toothpaste, detergent, deodorant, body butter, and everything (You can check her blog, Trash is for Tossers, for the recipes). I was amazed by how she can be still be pretty when every thing she used or wear is plastic free or handmade.


Guess what? The four years of her trash fit into one mason jar! Unbelieveable.


Lauren Singer is also a girlboss. She quit her corporate job to start The Simply Co, where she sell eco-friendly detergent which is “less bad” product with fewer toxic chemicals and sustainable packaging.

Lauren Singer / The Simply Co

Lauren Singer / The Simply Co

Lauren Singer has inspired to make few tips that we can do to reduce waste on our life. Maybe zero-waste is a little difficult, but let’s try less-waste lifestyle for a better environment. Here are some few tips you can try to reduce waste.


#1 Always bring reusable bag everywhere you go.

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#2 Make DIY products. Just like what Lauren Singer do.

#3 Minimize food waste. Take and eat everything you have on your plate.

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#4 Avoid plastic or disposable stuff. You can also use reusable bags for buying and storing produce.

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#5 If you have no time to make DIY products, at least you buy something eco-friendly stuff.

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