How Successful Women Spend Their Weekend

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image by: pinterest

image by: pinterest

Most people would spend their weekend to be super lazy because they worked hard enough during weekdays. Well, actually there are many things you can do to achieve success. Inspired by successful women on earth, you might want to do these things on your weekend.


#1 Plan Their Next Weekend

Open your planner and start writing all the things you need to do and must have done on next week. Doing this will help you to visualize entire week. By visualizing how you do things, you will work better and faster.


#2 Cleaning Up

We have to admit it that this is the least thing we want to do. Most of you would want a lazy weekend. Do nothing, wake up late and laying on the bed longer than you normally do. Don’t you know that there are better things to do instead of laying your bed? Tick tock tick tock. Time is ticking. Your mess wouldn’t clean up itself unless you clean them. Cleaning up will help you to be more organized and somehow you will feel refreshed. There’s a little satisfaction when your mess is gone.


#3 Set Goals

The key of successful women is they know how to set their goals. No matter how big or small your goals are, what matter is how likely you would to achieve them. Setting goals should be realistic and specific. Those goals should take you to the next level.


#4 Make time for your family or friends

There are many ways to spend your weekend whether with your family or with friends. You can hangout with them or having dinner together at home. Make time for others will help to refresh your mind. Socialize with people will make you feel better after a week with working stuff or work-related conversation which could be tiring.


#5 Do what you love

If you have no time to do what you love on weekdays, you have to start doing something you love on weekend, like, your hobbies or anything. Personally, I love to make illustration and calligraphy, so whenever I have free time, especially on weekend, I make some of them. If you love sports, then do it!


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor