How to Be an Independent Woman

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Women are mostly be seen as fragile, incapable of doing things woman actually can do. That stereotypes make us (woman) are often underestimated and make some woman relying on others, especially man. Relying more on others will only limit your abilities. Being independent is needed in order to survive because at the end of the day you only have yourself to fall back on. It gives you power and confidence knowing that you are in control of your life and decisions. Here are 5 tips on how to be an independent woman:

#1 Create a plan

Make yourself a good plan and stick to it. Write down all the things you want to do in a week or month. Start with something small and work your way up. Plan your day according to your own schedule and make a list of what needs to be done. Having a plan is how you avoid obstructing others. Don’t allow your world to revolve around the needs of other people.

#2 Make your own decisions

Your decisions create your path. You no longer have someone to decide for you. Start deciding what you want and try to get it. Learn to make good choices for your life starting by determining how you would like to spend the day.

#3 Be assertive

Being assertive doesn’t mean having an attitude. When you are on your own, no one will be able to stand up for you. Don’t let people walk over you.  Becoming assertive is a way to improve your life and boost your self-esteem. Set healthy boundaries, know when to say no and be clear about your needs and feelings.

#4 Learn and celebrate

When learning something new, it’s normal to make mistakes or fail. You just need to try again. Insist that you do it yourself and keep doing it until you make it. When you succeed, write down the steps used to accomplish those goals. Don’t forget to celebrate and keep a record of your achievements. Next time when you’re not feeling confidence reaching harder goals, review these achievements and move forward.

#5 Manage your money

True independent living relies on financial freedom. It is important to set a budget and learn to balance your finances. Make sure to set money aside for bills and emergencies. If you have extra money save it rather than spending it on unimportant items. It will give you an incredible feeling of independence and motivation.


Alliyya Lathifa

The It Girl Writer