How To Find Balance Between Your Career & Life

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balance between life and career

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These days, we find it hard to balance between career and life. Busy working girls rarely have time for family, friends, lovers, and maybe for themselves too. Too much working is not good your body and mind. Sometimes we need to take a break from crazy working routines. Take time to refresh your mind and it will improve your working performance.

Stop Overworking

Sometimes we might think that if we don’t do this assignment, it will holding us back to finish other tasks. But, what you need to know is that your assignments will always come and you will never finish unless you quit that job. So, stop overworking until late night, or always trying to finish right away. Try to work smart. Make a plan for a week ahead. Or you can make to do list at night before


You can find tons of apps that you can use to make your life easier (Read: Essentials Apps You Should Have) especially if you’re busy girl type. The It Girl recommend you to download apps that make your work easier and better. There are many tools that help you be more organised at work. And you will find balance with your life once your work is well-planned.

Make Your Boundaries

Don’t let your career taken into your life. That’s the key of well-balanced life. You need to make boundaries between your life and your career. If you work Monday to Friday, 8-5 pm, you have to stop thinking about your work after 5 pm. Don’t check emails, phone calls whether it’s from your clients, or your working partner. They need to know your boundaries so that they won’t disturb your dinner with your family or boyfriend or friends. If you really need to make some work-related phone calls, make sure it’s really urgent and you can’t do it tomorrow.



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