How to Get The Best Photo Of You For Your Blog

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How To Get The Best Photo Of You For Your Blog

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Photos are huge deal for your blog, especially fashion bloggers. If you ever feel so frustrating to take great pictures of yourself, you can try these tips for better photos.


If it’s impossible, take your photos on a natural light. It will boost natural beauty of your photo.



Act as natural as you can. You can try walking normally (it doesn’t have to be like on a catwalk). And smile! You don’t always have to look at camera.



If you’re a fashion blogger, and you want to your reader focus on the clothes you wear instead of your background, try simpler background. Or you can make you background blurred.


Take a lot of shots

One shot is not enough. Take a lot of pictures while you can. We know it will be more confusing to choose the perfect one.


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor