How To Keep Things Professional When You Work With Your Significant Other

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How To Keep Things Professional When You Work With Your Significant Other

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Falling in love is the happiest moment of your life. And it turns out that “the one” is your working partner at the office, in the same room. The best thing is that you can see significant other every day. But, there might be a bumpy journey on your life if you can’t keep up things professional at work. It’s not going to be easy. But, if you follow these simple tips below, it would be just fine.

#1 Discuss it

In the beginning of your relationship, you should have the conversation. This conversation should discuss what you and your s.o (significant other) expect on your working environment. Would your s.o mind if you discuss your relationship with others? Or maybe both of you decide to act normal as possible when working. Decide what the best for you two.

#2 Keep a distance

When you work with your s.o in the same room, it might be difficult to keep focused. Your s.o might be the most distracting object. Don’t let people see you stare at your s.o for a long time and let your paperwork left behind.

#3 Separate things

It’s easy to be professional when you can separate between “business time” and “personal time”. Create boundaries between you and your s.o. Especially when you have a fight with your s.o. Even if you have an argument, keep things professional by working as normal as possible. We know that your feelings might be hurt inside. But, always remember that showing your true feelings during working will have a bad impact on your career.

#4 Don’t be too intimate

Some people are annoyed or finding it uncomfortable when people see a couple become too intimate in public. People know that you’re in love. And it doesn’t mean that you have to show it off. Especially at your office. Instead of showing it off, why don’t you keep it special between you two?
You could be the most adorable “relationship goals” if you can keep things professional at work. Do you have any other thoughts? Please let us know through comments!


Winny Irmarooke

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