How To Maintain and Achieve Your Resolutions

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how to achieve and maintain your new year's resolutions the it girl

Starting new year, most people plan their resolutions they should achieve on the following year. Well, people might still have unachieved resolution from previous year. Well, that’s normal. This year, you can start your resolutions by following these tips from The It Girl:


#1 Write down your resolutions

You can start brainstorming your ideas, what resolutions you want to achieved this year. You have to decide which resolutions you really want to happened. And then, you have to break each resolutions down into steps what you really have to do and what strategies you should use. It would be better if you make your resolutions to be more specific. For example, your resolution this year is losing some weights. You have to be specific in this resolutions–how much weights you want to lose? What kind of food you should avoid? The clearer your visions about how to achieve your resolutions, the easier you will achieve it.


#2 Stay Focus

We’re not superwoman, so we cannot have it all. Start to do your resolution for the easiest one. Once you achieved one of your resolutions, you will feel more optimistic on achieving next resolutions. So, after you create list of your resolutions, re-order them from the easiest to the most difficult to achieve. And remember to focus on the process rather than on the result.


#3 Create schedule

The more important thing than specific resolutions is creating a schedule when you have to do them. And start to do it immediately. If you’re getting use to do what you it every day, it will become your new habit. It might feel difficult at first, but if you’re serious to your resolutions, your hard work will give best result!


#4 Reward yourself

If you achieved your resolution, reward yourself with a gift. For example, if you can make it to lose few pounds, buy yourself new clothes or go for a vacation with your friends or family. And always remember with your success to stay motivated for achieving next resolutions.


Have you decided your resolutions this year? The It Girl has special free printable to make you easier achieve your resolutions.

Download printable here.


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor