How To Make Greener Choices When Shopping

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How To Make Greener Choices When Shopping | The It Girl

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Shopping is a natural habit for most girls. After shopping, we felt happier–couldn’t wait to try those stuff we’ve bought. But, what if those clothes you bought could cause bad effects on environment? Fashion industry has been number two the most polluting industry after oil and gas industry. If you already watched The True Cost Movie, then you’ll know the sad truths behind the clothes we wear everyday. So, what’s the next thing we can do? Don’t worry girls, you can still go shopping. Try to follow these tips to be more greener when you go shopping.

#1 Bring Your Own Bag

Instead of piling up plastic bags or shopping bags, you can bring your own bag when you go shopping. Therefore, you reduce the amount of plastic bags trash on earth.


#2 Shop Vintage

Sometimes, vintage pieces are better than the new one and cheaper! You can look for vintages on ebay, garage sale, or maybe other online store. Just like what Sophia Amoruso did to her vintage Chanel Jacket she found at thrift shop. She sold it, like, for thousand dollars.


#3 Choose Organic

Organic is not only for fruits, veggies, or daily products we use. There are organic fabrics too. Usually, when clothes are made with organic fabrics, the tag will say it’s organic. So, you better check the tag.


#4 Shop Timeless Pieces

Sometimes when we go to the mall, see something cute and it’s on sale, maybe we just grab it and take it to cashier. But, eventually we don’t wear it because we think it’s not the ‘one’ for us to wear. Shop wisely by buying timeless pieces that you can wear whenever you want. (Read: Fashion Essentials Must Have For Every Woman)


#5 Check local stuff

The It Girl loves local stuff. There are many unique pieces you can find when you shopping at locals. Did you know how those imported clothing can travel? The shipping costs more than money, but also pollution, trash, and other waste. By buying local stuff, you can also support the economy of the country.


#6 Buy Less

Before we buy something, ask yourself these questions: Do I really need it? When will I wear it? Will I wear more than many times? It’s better to have ‘greener’ closet filled with clothes we actually wear. (Read: Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Shopping).


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