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For some people who work from home, workspace is quite an essential thing. Better workspace will give you more creative ideas and positive energy. Have you ever thought what it was like to work on messy or filthy surroundings? You would never ever get great inspirations on a bad working environment. So, that’s why you need to get up right now and re-decorate your workspace. And here’s how to style a workspace:


Wall Decoration

You can decorate your wall on your workspace with a cute tassel garland, or maybe with some favorite photographs or picture or maybe some motivational quotes. You can make a pretty pinboard on your wall so you can easily put some ideas or important notes.



Clean The Clutter

No clutter. It’s important to clean the clutter on your workspace to get some inspirations and help you to get better result on your works. Spend some times to clean your workspace whether it’s five minutes before you finished your work or go home.


Invisible Cable Cords

We cannot work without gadgets. So many gadgets that we need for working and that means there are more cable cords on our workspace. We need to keep our workspace clean and neat by keeping the cable cords hidden as possible.


Pretty Stationery Is Better

Investing on pretty stationery is not a primary needs but if we have more budget try to buy some pretty stationery that match your favorite style.



Put Everything On The Right Place

Make sure you put letters, papers, folders, and everything on the right place. For example, put letters on a box or put papers on containers. That will help you to be more organized and ease you to find stuff.



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Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor