How To Turn Your Internship Into Full Time Job

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Early twenties are the most perfect time to have internship, even when you’re in college (read: Benefits Of Working While In College). When people think about internship, they might think about making coffees, and other small unimportant stuff. But, wait! Internship is not always about making coffees or copies. Internship can also lead you to full time job. There are many people who get their full time job through internship days they’ve had. And here are few tips you can try:

#1 Make Initiatives and Be Creative

Being an intern doesn’t mean you only do jobs given from your boss. If you want to be better than any other interns, sometimes you have to make initiatives. Maybe the company you are working now have some problems. Don’t be afraid to give some solutions to your boss. Be creative. If you have any thoughts that would make that company perform better, tell your boss right away! Your boss will be happy to have to as a full-time employee.

#2 Be Professional

You got skills, but you got no professionalism, will make you any less better than anyone who got no skills but professional. If you’re given a task with specific deadline, you have to finish it before the deadline. It’s quite difficult, but if you really want to work at your dream company, this is really important. For better performance, you can show your progress of your work to your manager, ask some feedback about your job. If you finish it on the deadline, without consulting your work before to your manager, there’s a chance that your work will not have an excellent result.

#3 Networking

It’s pretty tough to be someone new in the office. But it’s normal, especially if you’re an intern. Don’t wait to introduce yourself to your co-workers. If you’re working remotely from your office, which is impossible to meet them, you can have video call with them. If you’re not working remotely, you can hangout together with your co-workers, maybe watching movies, or having lunch together. Networking is important for career girl, you might get some new useful information from your friends later.

#4 Ask Questions If You Don’t Understand

After you get your first assignment, there’s a chance that you don’t understand what you have to do. And if you really do not know, don’t hesitate to ask your managers or co-workers. Before you ask questions, try to research your problems first, and when you really do not what to do, then you can ask to your manager.

#5 Ask For A Feedback

As an intern, you might be given a small, not-too-difficult job. But don’t underestimate easy assignments given to you. Every single task you have should be done with full effort. Every time you finished your assignment, ask for a feedback to your manager. Do not be mad if it turns out the feedback isn’t good as you expect. Every feedback is a key to perform a better job. So, don’t be afraid to get few good or bad feedbacks.

#6 Keep In Touch

Finally, your internship is over. So, what to do next? Keep yourself updated with information about your company you had interned with. There’s a chance that they’re looking for a full time job, and they might consider you to be their employees because you’ve interned with them and that makes you better than anyone else who also applying for that job. You can try to reach out your manager, have a little chit and chat, also don’t hesitate to ask if there’s a job vacancy on their company.


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor