For You Scholarship Seekers, 5 Quick Tips Applying for University Scholarships

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Hello! Welcoming January as the first opening month of the year, The It Girl will share some tips for you who planned to apply for a University scholarship this year! And we’ll be glad to share you some useful tips to get it.  So now scroll down and here’s the steps :

  • Check the University Website


Aside of determining what major you want to learn, it is important to decide which universities you want to study first. Thanks to the internet, now it will be easier for you to start some research about the information of the university programs, scholarship information and when the semester will begin.

  • Apply as Soon as You Can


This might be the most boring advice you’ve heard because you’re already hear it a lot but the truth and according to those scholarship receiver, it is important to apply earlier because each university have their specific amount of funding available. So the early you apply for it, it would be easier for you to get it granted!

  • Do Not Rely for Only One Scholarship, Keep on Searching

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Many of the scholarship receiver also inform to all of scholarship seekers to look for many alternative of scholarship. Scholarship could be from the university, the non government and also from the goverment. You can also look it up from the internet, education exhibitions and or by magazines or newspaper for more scholarships information.

  • Follow The Instructions to Write The Essay


Read the scholarship instructions very carefully because it is really important. Especially the due-date of the application. Make sure you understand each of the instructions before you start writing your essay; you don’t want to write an application that doesn’t address the guidelines or questions laid out. So take your time to analyze the application essay topic and give your best answer and be authentic, honest, and respectful for the assessors.

  • Proofread and Apply!


Once you’ve finished the fill in the application you should read it again for several time before you send it. Do this on different days as you might approach it with a fresh mindset or notice new errors. This is a simple thing which many don’t do, Make sure you spell all key words and names correctly, and the name of the university or organisation. Ask your friend or family to help you proofread all the application and also your essay.

We hope our tips will help you to get your dream as on eof the scholarship reviever. Good luck and never give up!


Silvia Indah Pratiwi

The It Girl Writer