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Emma Watson is the most talked about woman on earth right now. Her role as Belle in Beauty and The Beast is unforgettable, especially the iconic dress! People also talked about because of her awareness about sustainable fashion. During her interview with Coveteur, Emma Watson talked so much about how impulse fast-fashion buy will destroy our planet.

#1 She’s obsessed with fair trade products


image by: coveteur

Emma Watson told that she became obsessed with fair trade products when she was in school. So, what is a fair trade? Fair trade is a trade which producers get fair prices in developing countries. She definitely concerns about fast-fashion impacts to our planet. She even visited Bangladesh in 2010, to see the impact of fair trade fashion, and find out about the real cost of fast-fashion.

#2 She wears sustainable beautiful gowns during her beauty and beast press tour


Image by: Emma wears Louis Vuitton dress.

Have you checked Instagram account @the_press_tour? Inside this Instagram account, you will find what Emma Watson wore during her press tour around the world. Every single piece she wore is well explained. From head to toe, you would know what brands Emma wore, Emma put on her makeup. We also love her action to take red carpet to green carpet. She cares about everything she wears. It’s not just about looking pretty, but also the stories behind her dresses. For example, her custom Louis Vuitton dress is made with Newlife recycled polyester, created from used plastic bottles. Another example is her Ellie Saab gown that was made with leftover fabric from the previous collection. So inspiring!


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#3 She asks herself this question before buying something


image by: Coveteur

She avoided impulse shopping and start shopping wisely. She asks herself this question before buying something: ‘Do I really use this? Do I really want it? Am I going to wear it? How much am I going to wear this? Would you wear it thirty times?’

On her Instagram account, there’s a hashtag ‘#30wears’ (which means she will wear it thirty times or more). She wears her Burberry Shoes more often which is made with organic silk. By shopping wisely, you’ll help this earth from destruction.

#4 Keep it simple


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Emma Watson’s closet is much simpler than you think. Her favorite piece is black cashmere turtleneck, from Chinti and Parker. Being sustainable also means taking care of what you already own. Also, buying vintage/secondhand clothes, and buying things that are more durable.

#5 She has less but…

Emma thinks carefully when buying and tends to shop online a lot more. And she uses Instagram to discover more brands through it. She used to buy whenever she had time although she didn’t really need it. She has less but those are things that she loves and she’s much more creative because of it.


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