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Chic & Darling might be sounded familiar to some of you. As one of the most loveliest store that sells beautiful home goods, Chic & Darling has been successfully attracted 40 thousands followers on Instragram. You can find most every little lovely things you can add to your home from pillows, bedding, prints, kitchen, and rug on Chic & Darling. And who is the creative one behind this brand? It’s the one and only Kania Annisa Anggiani.


In the beginning, she worked assisting a creative producer, and right now she’s a full time mom with two kids, and also founder & creative director of Chic & Darling. The It Girl was lucky enough to interview her and share it to every woman in the world. So, here it is…



Name: Kania Annisa Anggiani

Age: 33

Education: Bachelor or Communications

Current Position/Company: Founder & Creative Director Chic & Darling

Year you started your business: 2013


What’s your first job out of college? And how did you land it?

I was an intern at BBC channel, assisting a creative producer. When I graduated, they offered me full time. So that’s how I landed my first professional job out of college.


Is there a specific experience you have had professionally that helps you in your work today?

Being in the field as a producer for almost 15 years requires me to be hands on and gave direct interaction with the creative process from the little things to the big ones such as directing a stage designer, supervising a scriptwriter to editing in post production. All these details and elements gave me ample experience to manage and run my own business. I was trained to be a one-man show but also applicable as a team.


What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

Do you research but don’t wait, learn as you go.


Could you tell us the idea of creating Chic and Darling?

The initial idea was both to accommodate my needs and hunger on beautiful and functional goods to use around the house, and also I needed to create my job.  


Has there been a marketing tool that you’ve found most effective?

For me, content is king. From the moment I started this business, I didn’t it treat it like I had to sell something, it felt like I needed to tell a story. And I found it most effective because not only it attracts customer, it gives us ways to communicate and create personal relationship with them.


In what ways do you hope to see your business evolve in the next five years?

I have a lot of plans but affecting people’s lives with growing my business is just one from many dreams. I hope to see our products in more homes and bringing our brand to the international market.


Best moment of your career so far

I would probably say, being exclusively interviewed last year by Bloomberg TV for At the wheel was kinda the coolest thing ever, but being able to create a job that I love and it also allows me to be a full time mother at this point of my life is the best. NOTHING beats that.


What is a typical day in the life of Kania Annisa Anggiani like?

My typical day is chaotic, I would say my days are a compilation of a beautiful mess.


Take us through an average work day for you.

I wake up and I bathe my second born at around 6am, and take a shower and get ready for myself after. Then, I bathe my first-born and get her ready for school. Once she’s left the house, I make myself coffee, open my laptop, talk to my employees and goes through some paper-works. I basically only have 2-3 hours in a day to be productive, only while my daughter is away at school. If I need more time, I usually (but rarely) take a meeting outside of home or take my work somewhere else where I can focus more. But really, it’s pretty hard to juggle with two kids while running your business from home and it’s hard to describe in just one or two sentences.


What’s your favorite part of having your own business?

I get to be my own boss and get to make whatever I want without anyone’s approval.


As a business owner, designer, mother, and a wife, how do you balance your personal and professional life?

Balance is almost impossible, family life is hardcore hard. I rather embrace the mess. Like every other moms, I have good days and bad days. I try to constantly reward myself with a good me-time from reading a good book to shopping spree online (hahaha)


We’d love to know more! Please tell us more about the process of designing, producing, and marketing a new collection.

Designing is fun because I have no boundaries and I found inspiration from everywhere. It usually started from a simple doodle or color playing. From there, I usually get ideas on what to use that designs for and try to execute for production. We do a lot of mock-ups first before we launch a collection or an item and since we don’t mass-produce, it’s a lot easier to manage our expectation on the market. Overall, the process of designing, producing and marketing is not an instant process. A lot of people only see what looks easy but really, there are a whole lot of trials and errors behind the scene.


What is one piece of advice you would give to women about the design/product industry?

Be inspired and influenced, but don’t steal.


Who is your role model? Why?

My late grandmother who was a successful supreme-court justice who was also an incredible cook, amazing loving mother. Her drive and energy in life until her very last breath inspired me the most. The second most influential person is my mother, her passion and values teaches me to be mindful with everything that I do. These two women showed me that we (women) are the ones running the world.


All images by: Fransisca Angela


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