Ladies, Are You Ready For Some Kicks? Let’s Try Muay Thai!

Physical Health


Hi Girls! Being healthy and stay fit is a necessity that cannot be underestimated, and now it’s time for us to change our lifestyle to become healthy and fit not only by doing good diet and healthy lifestyle, but also with sports. If jogging in the morning and doing some home-exercise is already too mainstream for you, why don’t try Muay Thai? 😉

Muay Thai or often called Thai Boxing or Kick Boxing is a Thailand martial arts and referred as ‘The Art of Eight Limbs’ which means that this martial sport technique is using punches, kicks, elbows and knee attacks, thus using eight ‘points of contact’ , which is different from the technique of ‘two points contact’ or fists in Western boxing style.  In Muay Thai, the physical exercise tend to be heavy and this will make our physical resistance is growing rapidly and soon your body has the ideal proportions.


Muay Thai is also known as the quickest sport to burn fat, so that it fits into the sport of choice for you who need a sport for weight loss. Routine training of Muay Thai also will help us to get rid of toxic in the body, make our skin more radiant and glowing. Muay Thai, it is known that there are two groups fighting techniques the main techniques (Mae Mai) and minor engineering (Luke Mai) . Muay Thai fight in the movement much use elbows , leg (kick) and knee .

The basic techniques in Muay Thai includes :

  • Kick : In a kick there is some movement known term Low kick, middle kick, upper kick and push kick.
  • Elbows : While in motion are the terms vertical , horizontal , smashing elbow and upper cut elbow.
  • Knee : Terms in the upper cut knee, knee and circle hook knee .


Muay Thai will taught us how to protect ourselves for self-defense, so as to make those who follow, will have a muay thai mentally strong and resilient. Mental strength is what makes people who practice Muay Thai will be more confident, alert, and discipline . And in addition, Muay Thai can give a sense of peace and relief from stress. Muay Thai can immediately get rid of excess fat in a short time while keeping the fat needed by the body, and also strengthening the body’s immune system. So for those of you who like extreme sports and relying on the strength and agility, it’ll never hurts to try to learn the techniques of this sport!


Silvia Indah Pratiwi

The It Girl Writer