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You might hear or familiar with name Living Loving. Yes, Living Loving is a DIY blog created by two creative Indonesian women that have the same interest in DIY and home décor.

With great sense of DIY and home décor style, Living Loving just launched a book about DIY titled DIY Project. This time, Living Loving will share their story about how this blog idea came up and tips for those who want to start blogging.

People behind the blog: Nike Prima and Miranti Andi Kasim

Year you started your blog: 2013



What’s your first job before creating Living Loving?

Miranti: I and Nike have known of since college and was working as a team on a private television for 2.5 years. After that I became a writer at the magazine Martha Stewart Living Indonesia. In this magazine, I got a lot of ideas for Living Loving. Then I resigned in 2012 end so freelance writer.

Nike: At first, I worked in television, and was in the digital music label until I joined the team belongs Yoris Sebastian Creative Junkies (creative entrepreneur) in the year 2010 until now. Previously had also written to the social media portals Indonesia and became a freelance in the field of social media.

What about the beginning of the idea of making this Living Loving?

Miranti: From a long time I had desire to focus on website and also add rubric of DIY and home décor. Having resigned, I want to be focused. Incidentally, Nike also had the same desire. And it was hard to find a non-personal blog which discusses craft, decor, travel, etc. in one place. Usually blogs focus on a single topic, such as food, or fashion alone.

Nike: A few months prior to resign in one of my office, I’ve got a desire to create a blog about home decor because when it was just in time filling the house

Does blogging into your main job?

Miranti: Not yet but we hope in the future it could be our main job.

Nike: Yes, since we created this blog, the purpose of this blog is not just a means of expression, or only sharing. If you can do something that we like and it can be earnings..why not? But of course through the process. Moreover, there is currently no blogs with content that is really similar to us. So two years, we slowly introduce themselves first to the public. Through online and offline with the event that we make or follow.

What can be expected when people open the web Living Loving?

Miranti: ideas and inspiration that feels more real, not a good only. For example, we chose a simple DIY project that is easily created and covered the house with decor ideas that can be applied to any home.

Nike: Our local content that does have a larger portion than discuss the content of the product, person or place abroad.


You just made the book DIY Room Project, can you tell us a bit about the making of the book? What makes you want to make this book?

Miranti: Projects in this book we have documented at the end of 2013. Writing process itself is only about 1 month but the print process, design, and others take approximately 1 year. Not just to share tutorials DIY decor but we also tell us a bit about the creative process behind Living Loving, such as how we define the color palette for each project and gather inspiration on the mood board.

You are one of the inspiring and creative bloggers in Indonesia, can you give some tips to Indonesian women who want to start blogging?

Nike: The first thing is find the first or topic what we like and start from there. Why should we love? Because it will be easier for us to explore and develop. It’s also good points for the reader, because usually people prefer to read a blog that has a particular topic specialization. The point is to make a blog that is in accordance with ourselves.

Then think of commitment as well. No need to set the target to be able to post every day, just start posting most of frequency enables the daily schedule. 2-3 times a week? Once a week? Provided that the routine could be better than a post and then suddenly disappear often for months (happened to me on a personal blog, so I do not want to repeat the same mistake). Third, if your blog is not for mere personal journals, try for interaction with other bloggers or people who are close to the field / topic with content. The interaction can be started from the online pass comment on a blogpost, and continued to offline. Meet with people who have the same frequency with you certainly can make you more courage to blogging and opportunities to make something different even bigger through collaboration. Finally, keep it simple. On this era of super-fast, and visual content that is not too complicated to be easily captured people. Interesting topics that you want deeply examine, chances are even more effective if it was made in some post than one super long post. Also with the look, including the layout and photos, make a simple but still represent yourself wrote. Do not let the reader feel lost in blogging. Hihi.

Miranti: And do not forget to include a contact that is easily seen on the blog. Could be in the sidebar or special contact page. No need to be too complete, e-mail will suffice. So if anyone wants to encourage cooperation or collaboration will not be difficult to contact. Especially if the blog is also used for business purposes.


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor