Plan Your Wedding In Five Mostly Easy Steps


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Shout out to all bride-to-be(s)! One thing for sure when you plan your wedding, you need to set up a system for yourself to keep track of the ‘big picture’ and all the little details. So, hurry up and get a big binder and divide it into tabs for each big part of your wedding. Here are some you might want to start with and what’s likely to go in them. You can use this binder from the get-go and include inspirational pictures and ideas as well if you want.


#1 First Thing First: Budget

Do not book any vendors before you discuss the wedding budget with your spouse or parents. Why? Because this criterion is the most important thing before you can jump to another point. You’ll be easily managing your wedding based on your capabilities on budget and not stressed out later on. Then, you could start listing your venue options. And of course, based on your budget and preferred location.

#2 What Should Be Your Priority?

The venue is checked, the next thing is your food catering budget (which is 70% from the total budget). Done with it, move on to find the perfect photo and videography vendors. Find the perfect photographer/videographer since this will be your ‘once in a lifetime’ moment. Fifty years from now all you have is a stack of photo albums and video for your children or grandchildren. It doesn’t have to be over budget, but find vendors who could turn your dream wedding look into reality.

#3 Dealing With Your Wedding Drama

Little fight with your mom or anyone else is normal. It happens to everyone. These kind of dramas are so normal. Every wedding preparations are complicated, and it is up to us how to handle it. Don’t get too stressed out. Forget about the beauty of your real wedding purposes, enjoy the ‘roller coaster’ moment. Always paired up with your future-spouse no matter what.
If you book any wedding organizer, your duties are much easier. Collaborate with them while choosing the right vendors or fixing the other details. Ask them to become a mediator between you and your whole big families in the progress meetings.

#4 Wedding Theme and Colors Palette

There’s no rule of thumb to choose your wedding colors. Make sure you have the chosen colors for yourself and your future spouse’s outfit, then move on to your parents/siblings. The wedding hosts and hostesses should be standout as well. The colors should be on the same gradient but don’t have to be exactly the same. After that, tell your decoration vendors to find the perfect tone which matches with your outfit colors.

#5 Guest Lists: Who Should You Invite?

The easiest way to categorize your guests are by making 4 sections in your list:
  • First, the ones you won’t uninvite–aunties, uncles, grandma grandpas, neighbors.
  • Second, extended families. Your school friends or your clients.
  • Third, your inner circles. Invite your friends who still keep in touch, within 5-10 years. Your wedding is not a yard for free foods, but a time to gather with your mates you know and they still recognize you as well.
  • Last but not least, is it really necessary to invite them? I mean, final check your list and cross out ‘the ones that got away’.
Now…..Are you ready to have a drama-less wedding? Good luck, bride-to-be!