Refresh your mind!

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It’s almost weekend, why not try to refresh your mind in the middle of the hectic week. It’s really easy, The It Girl have 5 easy ‘to do’ things for you…

  1. Take a very loooooooong bath…


Right after you get home, try to spend more time to enjoy you time showering or bath. Get to know more of you skin, feel every inch of it and if you have warm water use it. Then you will have a really good night sleep.

  1. Wake up and drink it


Yes! It is true that water can make your body and mind fresh. Try to do this regularly; everyday and you will have a refresh body and mind even after you have a really busy night.

  1. Eat breakfast and exercise regularly


Please don’t skip this step… breakfast is really important for your body. You need something to start your day even its only bread. Not just breakfast; exercise regularly is also needed. Just take 10 – 20 minutes of your morning to do little stretching and cardio (running or swimming perhaps) this will not only refresh your mind but also refresh your body and all junk will easily gone through your healthy sweat!

  1. Try to get to know one new person each week


Introducing yourself to other people that are not in your circle is good for your mind. It is because you can see other life perspective through them. If we want to understand life, we can’t just know one life but we have to see other and understand it by listening to the stories.

  1. Smile and don’t forget to say thank you


Being nice to other is not about giving them money or foods. But by giving them your happy smile in the morning it will increase the level of happiness and confident. Don’t forget the last thing, the very important and this words known as ‘magic word’ in the children world. Do not forget to say Thank You every time you need hand to help you.


Have a lovely week girls!


Pratiwi Putri Anugerah

Co-Founder & Editor