Resonation, An Event That Should Have Existed Years Ago

Sophia Amoruso at Resonation Indonesia 2017
On April 29, 2017, the first woman empowerment conference called Resonation was held at The Kasablanka. Empowering women is the main purpose of this event. There were three sessions: morning sessions, reflection session, and afternoon sessions. There were many well-known speakers such as Sophia Amoruso (Founder of #GIRLBOSS), Stephanie Kurlow (First hijabi ballerina), Johan Ekengård (Development Engineer, Swedish Dads), Clair Deevy (Head of Economic Growth Initiatives APAC, Facebook), Angkie Yudistia (Founder, Thisable), Henry Manampiring (Author, The Alpha Girl’s Guide), Ashraf Sinclair (Actor) dan Nina Moran (Co-Founder, Resonance).
In this event, every woman can share what’s stopping her or holding her back to achieve her goal & dream. The It Girl loves how Sophia Amoruso empowered women through her badass yet awesome advice & stories. We also love how Stephanie Kurlow answered an unexpected question. Someone asked her whether what she is doing now is Islamic. Stephanie Kurlow said, “That we need to see the bigger picture of what Islam is; it’s about being kind to others. it’s about helping other people and generally to be a good person all around”. What an excellent answer!
On reflection session, the participants were divided into groups. Each group was lead by a facilitator. The facilitator was a well-experienced career woman. In this group, a participant could ask everything to the facilitator or sharing some stories to the group. We don’t think that an hour of reflection session is enough.
After the reflection session, Nina Moran (Founder of Resonation), told her journey to make Resonation came true. Not only that, Nina Moran also told how she struggled with the big problem that stormed her company. Nina Moran successfully made the audience crying. Her story was unbearable for not to cry. It was inspiring yet empowering at the same time.
In the last session, was the funniest part of Resonation. Johan Ekengård, Ashraf Sinclair, & Henry Manampiring were given a chance to tell the definition of feminism from their perspectives’. They also shared some stories about how their families work together to take care of kids and everything. Also, whether it’s okay or not if the wives are working.
Resonation did inspire and empower every woman who came. We hope that Resonation will be better next year!


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor