Say Goodbye To Chapped Lips


“I Wouldn’t Mind Kissing Your Lips Everyday”

Rainy seasons can make your lips cracked and dry. If you’re a liquid lipstick fan, you know how harsh it can be on your lips. Your lips are always exposed while they don’t have oil glands to keep them protected. Here are some tips for you to never have to deal with chapped lips anymore:

Exfoliate: you can buy a lip exfoliator or make your own lip scrub with sugar and honey. By exfoliating your lips you will remove the dead outer surface of your lips, bringing out new layers and making your lips smooth. Scrub your lips twice a week for better results




Use lip balm: a good lip balm will lock in moisture, which seals off cracks and splits in drying lips. Lip balm will also protect your lips from external exposure such as dry air and cold temperature. Apply lip balm both day and night to prevent dry lips.


Don’t lick your lips: licking your lips will only make them dries even more. Your saliva contains acids that can irritate your lips. And licking your lips constantly will remove natural oils on the lips.


Don’t bite your lips: it might feel good to bite away at the flaky skin. However, if you pull too hard it can cause your lips to bleed, exposing them to germs and bacteria and will lead to severe chapped lips.


Drink plenty of water: being dehydrated can lead to chapped lips. A small amount of water left on your lips can linger on your lips and maintain fluid balance. Increase your water intake during dry season or when you’re in a cold room.



Bye… bye… chapped lips


Alliyya Lathifa

The It Girl Writer