Cara Mudah Menemukan Bra yang Pas & Nyaman

Menggunakan bra sangat tidak nyaman dan menyiksa, kecuali kamu menggunakan ukuran bra yang pas.   Saat kita mencoba bra dan menemukan ukuran yang pas, kita menggunakan ukuran tersebut sebagai patokan ketika membeli bra. Memang patokan tersebut tidak salah, tapi kamu harus tahu bagaimana bra yang benar-benar pas sehingga kamu tidak tersiksa dengan bramu. via GIPHY […]

6 Tips Untuk Mengurangi Kebiasaan Shopping

Setelah melakukan closet detox, kamu menyadari bahwa kamu telah menghabiskan banyak sekali uang untuk membeli baju yang tidak pernah kamu pakai. Shopping memang menyenangkan. Shopping menjadi salah satu terapi untuk melupakan masalah sesaat. Atau mungkin kamu adalah tipe shopaholic yang tidak bisa berhenti shopping. Selain membuat tabunganmu jebol, kebiasaan shopping secara tidak langsung memberikan dampak negatif […]

November Style Tips: Beret

The beret is making a comeback. Everyone can wear a beret, and it’s totally useful when you had a bad hair day or too lazy to style your hair. Whether you have a girly style or androgyny, you can wear a beret. You don’t have to wear a striped shirt and eat baguette because you […]

This App Will Help You To Create Ethical Wardrobe

Fast fashion isn’t a good thing as you saw on The True Cost documentary film. Fast fashion brands allow consumer to buy more clothes at very cheap price. Some people who take into account ethical fashion (like me!), find it very difficult to choose which brands that are really ethical. When I was browsing through […]

Streetwear Fashion Brand on Demand

Fashion industry lately being surprised by the rising of Streetwear. for example the unpredictable collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton. This shows unclear boundaries between couture and streetwear.   Well, this streetwear trend was followed by boys (most likely). But if you keen to watch out for the waves, this might be the next “it” […]

6 Tips Efektif Melakukan Closet Detox

Cobalah untuk membuka lemari pakaianmu dan perhatikan secara detail. Perasaan apa yang timbul ketika melihat isi lemarimu? Jika kamu merasakan tidak bahagia saat melihatnya, itulah saatnya kamu harus melakukan closet detox.   Ketika kamu melihat isi lemarimu, ternyata banyak pakaian yang hanya kamu pakai sekali, atau bahkan pakaian yang sama sekali belum kamu pakai. Padahal […]

Things You Can Give On Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is one of the most awaited days to celebrate. That precious moment when we express our sincere love and thankfulness to our dearest moms, yet to give her a gift to remember. Not just a single ‘happy mother’s day’ chat or kisses on her cheeks. Below are some inspirations for your shopping list […]

Simply Stylish Look With Plain Tops: How I Style My Basic Tops

For our daily look, plain t-shirts and a pair of jeans are the best matches. It suits in almost every season all around the world. From winter to summer, yet suits for almost all style. Street style, casual style, boyish style, etc. It’s just how we mix and match so it won’t look boring. Check out […]

Amal Clooney’s Inspiring Workwear You Can Try

Who doesn’t know Amal Clooney? Yes, she’s not only gorgeous – and lucky to has Clooney as her last name – but also well educated. Her work wardrobes are too good to be true and we can adopt it for our daily office looks. #1 Simply Chic Style   This picture snapped when she was […]

Message Tees That Will Empower Every Woman

On previous New York fashion week, we’ve seen the latest inspiring creations of some designers. And some of the designers weren’t afraid to add a little touch of political statements on their work. Dior with “We All Should Be Feminist”, and also Prabal Gurung’s “The Future Is Female” are to be seen everywhere on social […]