6 Hal yang dilakukan Perempuan Sukses di Bulan Januari

Welcome 2018! Tahun baru, semangat baru. Bulan pertama di setiap tahun adalah bulan favorit The It Girl untuk memulai kehidupan baru. Meskipun ada beberapa resolusi yang tidak tercapai di tahun 2017, kamu masih punya waktu untuk memperbaiki kesalahanmu di tahun 2018 ini. Perempuan sukses punya beberapa hal yang selalu dilakukan setiap awal tahun, kamupun bisa […]

Arianna Huffington: New World Class Media

 Are you familiar reading her name? Arianna is the fabulous 66th years old woman behind The Huffington Post. What’s exactly The Huffington Post? That was an American news and opinion website which featured politically liberal both localized and international editions of it.   This website was founded in 2005 and rebranded their name into “HuffPost”. […]

Business Failures Lessons We Can Learn from Sophia Amoruso’s “Nasty Gal” Bankruptcy

There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.” ― Sophia Amoruso, #GIRLBOSS That quote might look cliche when you read it but trust us Girls. You’ll need to stay on this article to find it how actually the ultimate famous Sophia Amoruso stay slays. Even after her mega business retailer Nasty Gal filled the bankruptcy […]

Resonation, An Event That Should Have Existed Years Ago

On April 29, 2017, the first woman empowerment conference called Resonation was held at The Kasablanka. Empowering women is the main purpose of this event. There were three sessions: morning sessions, reflection session, and afternoon sessions. There were many well-known speakers such as Sophia Amoruso (Founder of #GIRLBOSS), Stephanie Kurlow (First hijabi ballerina), Johan Ekengård […]

Tsamara Fahrana of Tint Stationery

Building a business takes a lot of trial, error, and hard work. Especially when you do it while you’re still a double degree undergraduate students. But, this girlboss successfully managed her time to do it all. Not just that, her product also help others to create a better future. If you’ve seen this beautiful planner, […]

Easy Chicken Salad For Busy Girls

We know how that feel when you wanted so much to cook something but you never have time for that. Eating fast food or take away food constantly is not healthy for your body, because you don’t actually know where those ingredients came from. So, why not try this super easy chicken salad that you […]

Alanda Kariza’s Career Profile

Masa muda identik dengan mencari belahan jiwa, mencari jati diri, atau bersenang-senang. Tapi, cewek inspiratif satu ini memiliki banyak sekali prestasi yang diukir meskipun usianya yang masih tergolong muda. Pada usia 14 tahun, cewek ini berhasil membuat novel yang berjudul Mint Chocolate Chips. Selain itu, cewek yang memiliki jiwa sosial yang tinggi ini juga mendirikan […]

This Planner Will Help To Make Your Dreams Come True

Ever wonder why sometimes your plan that you planned well didn’t work? Planning isn’t just about one or three steps ahead of something you want to do, yet you have to think the impact of your plan. “If I did this or that, would I be better? Would I be more successful?”, you have to […]

What Successful Women Do Almost Every Day

When we see successful women, sometimes we want to be like one of them. But, in reality we just dream about it. It’s great to have dreams, but you need to step up if we want to successful woman. It’s doesn’t have to be the hard effort. You can start from easy one, such as […]

7 Great Books That Will Empower & Inspire Every Woman

Being a woman was difficult. Woman was seen a weak creature that always needs man’s help. Well, man needs woman’s help too. But now, thanks to those amazing feminists who break stereotypes about women. If you still feel yourself as a weak and powerless woman, you should read these amazing books that will empower and […]