5 Easy One Pot Pasta Recipes To Cook This Weekend

One pot pasta is a very easy way to cook yummy pasta. You don’t need to cook the pasta separately. The pasta will absorb the sauce better, making it tastier. Plus, you don’t need to cook with different utensils–mean fewer dishes to wash. Here are 5 recipes for you to try to cook over the […]

Amal Clooney’s Inspiring Workwear You Can Try

Who doesn’t know Amal Clooney? Yes, she’s not only gorgeous – and lucky to has Clooney as her last name – but also well educated. Her work wardrobes are too good to be true and we can adopt it for our daily office looks. #1 Simply Chic Style   This picture snapped when she was […]

Plus Size Fashion Inspiration

Banyak yang bilang kalo kamu punya badan besar, kamu nggak bisa pake baju dengan model yang aneh-aneh, atau berwarna-warni karena akan membuat badanmu terlihat semakin besar. Nggak juga loh! Semua perempuan akan terlihat cantik apabila kamu bisa menerima badanmu apa adanya dan semua perempuan bisa memakai baju apapun yang disukainya. Kali ini The It Girl [...]

4 Gaya Casual dan Natural Ala Miss Universe 2015

Pia Angle Alonzo Wurtzbach atau yang kita kenal dengan Pia Wurtzbach, sempat mengagetkan dunia di ajang Miss Universe 2015. Pada acara itu telah terjadi kesalahan dalam penyebutan nama pemenang pada Miss Universe 2015  dan membuat nama Pia semakin dikenal. Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015 memang merupakan sosok yang selalu tampil cantik dan manis dengan senyuman khasnya. […]

Christmas and Holiday Looks To End The Year

Christmas is just tomorrow, are you still confuse picking ‘what look’ for tomorrow? The It Girl will give you some tips for a perfect look on our special day! We’re all so excited to celebrate Christmas and if you’re all about to throw a party, or have a family dinner, here’s few quick n easy […]

Meet the #Girlboss: The Story of Sophia Amoruso

Hey girls! We’re all for sure already know (or at least heard) about the fastest-growing online American retailer, Nasty Gal. Now we will talk about one of “the it” inspiring in fashion industry, Sophia Amoruso, Founder and Executive Chairman of Nasty Gal. From her ‘ordinary’ life until she become one of the most  successful entrepreneur […]

Take Over Australian Fashion Week

New York, London, Paris, Milan are always on the most highlighted cities when it comes to fashion. Meanwhile, in Australia, fashion industry is growing as well as other major cities. There are several fashion brands from Australia that we can’t take our eyes off from them.   What if you could take over Australian Fashion [...]