6 Hal yang dilakukan Perempuan Sukses di Bulan Januari

Welcome 2018! Tahun baru, semangat baru. Bulan pertama di setiap tahun adalah bulan favorit The It Girl untuk memulai kehidupan baru. Meskipun ada beberapa resolusi yang tidak tercapai di tahun 2017, kamu masih punya waktu untuk memperbaiki kesalahanmu di tahun 2018 ini. Perempuan sukses punya beberapa hal yang selalu dilakukan setiap awal tahun, kamupun bisa […]

Arianna Huffington: New World Class Media

 Are you familiar reading her name? Arianna is the fabulous 66th years old woman behind The Huffington Post. What’s exactly The Huffington Post? That was an American news and opinion website which featured politically liberal both localized and international editions of it.   This website was founded in 2005 and rebranded their name into “HuffPost”. […]

How To Turn Your Internship Into Full Time Job

Early twenties are the most perfect time to have internship, even when you’re in college (read: Benefits Of Working While In College). When people think about internship, they might think about making coffees, and other small unimportant stuff. But, wait! Internship is not always about making coffees or copies. Internship can also lead you to […]