The Best Time To Build Your Own Business

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Procrastinating is human nature. Some of us want to be successful on our own efforts, but ourselves always procrastinate when to build a business. We also often confused when the hell should we start our own business?


Many also thought to, “Get some money first. It’s gonna be wasteful to make a business but there’s money.”


Or maybe, “I want to create my own a business, but I don’t what I want to build”.


Also, you might have thought, “It’s too late to build my own business.”


One of the main factor to build a business is asset or fund.  It can be had by many ways. There are a lot of successful entrepreneur who got their fund from family, their long time savings, or from an investor. Actually, what are these asset? The first thing on your mind about asset is money. Asset can be ideas, skills, money, etc. You already have an asset when you were born,  it’s just people judge asset is always money. Nope!


When you were born with talent, that’s the first and main asset to build a business. Every people must have been born with something special. “But, I don’t have any specialty or talents,” and that would be impossible. There’s no people who was born with no talent, we just don’t know what it is. And it’s every individual’s responsible to discover their own talents or specialty.


Even praying is a talent (because I know someone who has this talent).


The main asset is the talent. Once we trained perseveringly, the talent will become the main force in building our business. The other asset is money. Believe it or not, money will come by itself if we want to work hard. Whether it’s from friend, family, parents, friend’s parents, friend’s friend, or maybe some strangers.


If you really want to build your own business, always start with an idea. Deciding an idea is the first step of making your business dream happen. There’s a quotes, “Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.” Paul Rand, graphic designer. The idea that you use on building a business doesn’t need to be pure or original from your years of thinking or researching. Just start from something you like. For example, if you like drawing or illustration, you can make stationeries, such as books, cards, or custom illustration; If you like fashion, you can be a fashion blogger or open a boutique. All starts from something you love. Imagine if you build a business but you actually don’t like the idea itself. That would be really frustrating.


Always have a book and a pen near us. By doing so, will allow us to record the idea that suddenly appeared in our minds. That would be very frustrating if minutes later you forget the great idea that crossed your mind. Whether these ideas are used or not, simply keep track of the idea. From ideas that you note, you will have one idea that will be used to make your own business.


Some people think they’re too late to build their own business. But, actually it’s never too late. A lot of people start their business when they’re not that young. There’s nothing too late to start your own business, but there’s a regret why you didn’t build the business you want. Use every single minute to build your own business and always be optimist on everything you try.. Mistakes are always there when trying and it was reasonable. The worse thing is when don’t try or too afraid to try.


So, when is the best time to build your own business? The answer is NOW!

Editor’s note: Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor