The It Girl Goes To Tobelo, North Halmahera

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On this holiday season, The It Girl (TIG) visited a little town which was far enough to travel, the little town is Tobelo. Where is it? Tobelo is a beautiful small town in North Halmahera, Moluccas. Probably many of you never heard before about tobelo.


How do you get to Tobelo?

If you’re going to go to Tobelo, you can take flight. The flight destination you can choose is Kao Airport. Because there’s only one flight a day to Tobelo from Manado (even sometimes there isn’t one at all), make sure you set your time carefully. Arrived at the Kao Airport, you have to travel approximately half an hour to get to Tobelo.


What you can find in Tobelo?

Tobelo has many amazing tourism objects. From beaches, lake, and also historical heritage from World War II, you can see them all. But do not expect fancy and luxurious hotel or cafe like you can find in Bali, because there isn’t one. TIG suggests that you will go as backpacker traveler during in North Halmahera.


On the first day, TIG explored little islands around Tobelo because the weather was sunny and great. There were news that told the weather wasn’t good enough, but luckily that day was perfect so TIG decided to explore little islands.


TIG visited many islands, such as Dodola Island, Zum Zum McArthur Island and Morotai Island. To travel those islands, you can rent a speed boat at Tobelo Harbour. It took almost an hour to travel to Morotai and others. However, that would be paid off with picturesque nature beauty you will enjoy.


Dodola Island (The It Girls’s Favorite)

This is an unpopulated island with amazing view and it’s really unique. You can see the uniqueness from the beach that extends very long and it will spoil your eyes a lot. There are two cluster of islands that is connected with smooth white sands. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen when you travel here.



Zum Zum McArthur Island

This island has a unique name. It was named after an US army general, Douglas McArthur. In this island, there’s a statue of General McArthur and it becomes the main tourism object on this island. Moreover, there’s also an old American Tank which was used during World War II. Unfortunately, TIG didn’t have a chance to see it.


Morotai Island

There are many history heritage you can find in Morotai. In the beginning, this island was part of Japanese’s colony yet taken over by the allies. There are many tourism objects, such as Teruo Nakamura statue, Trikora statue, and a cave that General McArthur used to as his bathing place.



Pantai Luari (The It Girls’s Favorite)

The beach is not far from the center of the town offers natural landscapes that are not less good than on the beach Dodola. With calm waves, gentle breeze and shady trees, the beach has become one of the ideal places to relax and swim.



Telaga Biru

Located a few kilometers from the Luari, there is a small lake called Telaga Biru. Although it was small, Telaga biru has very clear water and is under the beautiful green trees.



Telaga Duma

The lake is located in the region of Galela (not far from Tobelo). Telaga Duma has clear water and is clean. This lake is the largest lake on the island of Halmahera. In this lake you can do various activities such as swimming or fishing. From this lake, there are several other attractions such as cannons pune, kapaseti, bay Somola, Japan tunnels and waterfalls Sapoli.



Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor