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In this month, you will find much sales happening at the malls, almost all stores are sale. Low price, good products, it’s a good deal for everyone. I even bought some stuff for myself. New stuff will make people feel more happier because of their obsessions, their achievement for spending their money from hard work they do at day and night. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? But, do you know the true story behind most of our clothes you wear every day? The True Cost movie has answered it for you.


The True Cost movie is a documentary about fashion industry, about the factories, workers, and environmental impact that is caused by fashion industry. In this film, you will understand the system of fast fashion happening right now, how fashion industry has huge impact of pollution that slowly destroying this beautiful earth, how many people has suffered serious disease that caused by chemicals used for our clothes. It’s really unfair for the workers who work at indecent workplace with low wage and poor living.


Some experts give a talk in this movie that enlightens me about living with true happiness–that is not from something we don’t need but we want it–the more expensive, the happier–but from everything we already have.
You’ll see a huge contrast between glistening and beautiful fashion show/fashion week and the people, the workers (especially in Bangladesh) who made those clothes in this film. After watching this movie, it makes me realize how passive I was about what I wear. Also, by watching this movie, I feel more aware of fashion brands that support fast fashion, I’m also aware about what clothes I should buy. Do I will wear this or that for multiple times? Or I just want to buy this dress, because it’s cheap and I can throw it away if I don’t like it because I can buy another one tomorrow. It’s not that simple. Be wise before buying clothes.


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Winny Irmarooke

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