Things You Need To Know About Ecotourism

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Are you someone that has days off at the beach or mountain, enjoying the beautiful scenery?

Ecotourism is a form of tourism that involves visiting natural areas and intended to conserve the environment, as well as help society’s welfare. Ecotourism activities include hiking, camping, or enjoying the sea/mountain.

There are many positive things from ecotourism you can get, for example: expand your knowledge, helping the economy growth of locals, and conserve the nature. But, ecotourism also can be destructive if you’re not trying to conserve the environment. Here are some ways you can enjoy the mother nature without destroying it:

Educate yourself

Before visiting some place, it’s better if you find out things you should and shouldn’t do at the place you’re going to visit. Don’t let yourself give bad impact to the environment.

Don’t litter

This is what the most tourists do when traveling. Don’t ever let your trashes stay on landfill, or bury non-degradable trashes (plastic bottle, plastic bag, or cans). If you can’t find trashcan nearby, you have to bring your trash with you until you see one. Be responsible! (Read: Zero-waste Shopping Essentials You Must Have)


Respect the local tradition and their privacy. Don’t do things that are not desirable to local communities. Respect the diversity around you. If you want to take a picture, it’s better if you ask the permission first.

Never buy animal products

Especially if it’s endangered animals. You don’t want to contribute the extinction of those animals, right? Animals belong in the wild, take photographs only.

Be a traveler, not a tourist

Make your holiday is something more beneficial to learning the tradition or history, and also the knowledge about nature. Find out what local communities do and embrace the different culture. Therefore, your holiday feels more rewarding.

Support local economy

With simple thing as buying locally made souvenirs, and using tourism guide service by local people, you can help the economy growth of local communities.


Alliyya Lathifa

The It Girl Writer